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Discussion in 'Pups For Sale' started by Hunt like a dog, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. Hunt like a dog

    Hunt like a dog Well-Known Member

    A guy needs to sell a pup, this is a purty buckshot bred dog, I have lost the photo, do have it's puppy papers. He's asking 200 for it, cheap for 6 months old. Guys we need help him oou. Call me 615 6553609. 1694.jpeg
  2. 5 Solas

    5 Solas Well-Known Member

    Has it started? Do you know sex, location, and reason for selling?

  3. Hunt like a dog

    Hunt like a dog Well-Known Member

    It's a female she is not started,man has been laid off just returned to work his unemployment check stopped for some reason he has kids to feed letting a pup go let try and help I have way to many here
  4. Hunt like a dog

    Hunt like a dog Well-Known Member

    I got the pic we are located between scottsville KY and franklin KY off Hwy 100 1700.jpeg
  5. LtELmer

    LtELmer Well-Known Member

    that is a good looking pup even if it is blew tick ! Looks like it is going to stay under 13 at 8 mo.
  6. Marshall Rowley

    Marshall Rowley Well-Known Member

    Tyner nc
    Yesssir...good lookin female...
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  7. Hunt like a dog

    Hunt like a dog Well-Known Member

    Guy didn't wanna let go but it's better than hungry kids
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  8. Grizzly creek beagles

    Grizzly creek beagles Well-Known Member

    Pm sent
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  9. Hunt like a dog

    Hunt like a dog Well-Known Member

    Sold I have to thank y'all this is a great group of guys here may God bless the works of your hands
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  10. jeff guy

    jeff guy Active Member

    You a good man mike
  11. nivensbj

    nivensbj Well-Known Member

    Hi Mike good deal, man that a good looking pup...I need to start looking on here, I would have taken a chance she is a looker...BJ
  12. nivensbj

    nivensbj Well-Known Member

    Wish the guy the Best....my prayers are with him and his Family.....BJ
  13. jhook04

    jhook04 Well-Known Member

    She would fit my pack well. Wish I could. I’m eat up with buckshot but that is literal. I have 5 and that’s over Max. I have a buddy that might be interested. I’ll contact him. We live in Paducah.
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  14. jhook04

    jhook04 Well-Known Member

    hey bud I have a whole litter gonna be birthed this weekend. Buckshot through and through. I’m confident it’s a good cross. I will Post then for sale in a few weeks when I find out what she has.
  15. Scooterbill

    Scooterbill New Member

    If you have a bluetick female I may be interested.
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  16. Ronaldparker

    Ronaldparker Well-Known Member

    I have a bluetick female 3 1/2 months old. Dapper Dan Man (son of Buckshot) is sire and a female out of Cowboy Cassanova is dam.
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  17. jhook04

    jhook04 Well-Known Member

    Puppy? Look for my post and get in touch with me. Would love to try and work it out. I’m in Paducah KY
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