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Discussion in 'Forum Software Help' started by RKW, Mar 23, 2010.

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    Freddie, I have a couple of request to be my friends. Can you believe that? On second thought don't answer that. I don't really know what this part of the site is or how it works or how to accept them. Can you explain? Thanks

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    If you go to the FAQ page and type friends in the search box it will take you to a page that tells you a little about it, how to add/delete them, etc. Sorry I couldnt be more help but to be honest, Im not very familiar with that feature or what the purpose of it is.

    I think the biggest thing it does is to make it easier to contact them. For example if you were on my friends list and I wanted to send you a PM, I could just go to my friends list and do it instead of having to search through the members list to find your name.

  3. Now don't go telling him how to delete us.