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Free dogs.....

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Not really, but i am so sick an tired of these dog not getting it done.
i dont know what happen to them.

kate started at 4 months on her own solo all i did was let her see a rabbit and it was on.
doc also was circleing at 5 months.
i know , i know i thought the guy was full of sh!t myself. but i went an seen it with my own eyes. then i said here's your money.

back to the dogs i had kate down in Neelyville for a about a month back in september she could hammer one by her self 6 months old.
doc is 1.5 yrs. old.
they had been doing a good job. my shift at work changed in march so i can only run on saturdays. but figerd that would at least keep them in the game.

the last 3 times out they have not done squat. they half ass hunt aROUND
open , like one is going to get up then notda.
today they jumped 2 . only half circles i know there were moer rabbits in that area than 2.

the only thing saveing them. is the ol'mans broke dogs are not doing any better.

so someone tell me what is going on.
i have about had it.
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Wish I could help but Ive had days when I thought about selling a dog cause it wasnt doing what I wanted it to and the next time it would do so good that I decided to keep it.

I havent seen em run but if theyre having alot of breakdowns, is one of em fighting for the front or overly competitive? One dog doing that is all it takes sometimes to mess up a good hunt or run.
Kate will do that a little but normaly it dont bother doc.
he is in his own world when he is a track. the world could come to a end and we wouldent know it.
i am cooled off now.
they were setting tight and the wind was at 20 to 25 mph most of the day.
my uncles dogs are all over 6 years old and have had 100's of rabbits killed over them. and they were not doing any better.
so i guess it was a bad day for hunting.
my wie say's i will never be happy with any dog..
even if it cost 10,000 dollars.
i'm not sure, but i would like ta see it run....LOL
but she's a sucker for a pretty face.
uncle said somedays you could give them all away, and somedays you would not take a million bucks for them.
i guess thats life with beagles.
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I have pretty decent dogs, but today they did awful. Just part of it
had the same problem with my dogs Christmas morning. I know there are rabbits there, jumped a ton of em a week ago, the dogs would open, run for about 10 seconds, and then loose it. Just a bad day. But if you still wanna give em away...:whistle:
i come to the conclusion that
even the best dogs have bad days.
i know they are better than what they been doing.
so i'll jus keep run'in them. and figer out how to get put more time on them. thanks tho...:beagle:
you know i was thinking about this today.
and the second rabbit they got up that made the half circle( or so i thought )
they did get that one back up but they crossed the road with it. and was on privet ground . LMAO but i was so mad that they would't stop when i was yelling at them and trying to hurry up and get over there to get them.
and the fact my hunting partner did not know it was privet but was smileing from ear to ear becauls it was a good race. but i was hollering help me get the dogs but he couldent understand me. he just kept smileing. and shake'in his head yes. did not help my additude at all.
i totaly lost sight of the fact that they was burn'in him up.
i should of just let them go another 5 min. and it most likely would of come back across. but i'm not a patient person.
them poor hounds i bet there lil ears burn most of friday.
i will have to give them some extra love'in tomrrow.
i'm much better today.
thanks for letting me vent.
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