Foothills Beagle Club AKC Gundog Brace Mar 26-27 Results

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  1. Foothills Beagle Club
    March 26-27, 2010 AKC Licensed Gundog Brace Trial
    Full Results

    We had a total of 173 entries. Weather was good and plenty of rabbits thanks to our dedicated and knowledgeable club members who manage and feed rabbits throughout the year. All classes completed by mid afternoon each day. A big thanks to our judges, our kitchen crew, marshals, and club members who all did an outstanding job to make our Trial a success and a very special thanks to all who supported our club by attending. We at Foothills hope you all had a very enjoyable experience.

    Friday 3/26/2010

    13†Males 47 entries Judges: Johnny Fendley and Warren Purcell (for Jessie Williams)

    1st Place – G&S Slab Town Dirty Boy Buck Rick Holcombe SC
    FC G&S Slab Town Boogie Man x Skuna Bottom Nikki
    2nd Place – Hunts Sure Line Ox Patrick Hunt NC
    FC Jacobs’ Pacman x Bullocks Creek Merle
    3rd Place - Slabtowns Bad As Bodine Daniel Chapman SC
    FC G&S Slab Town Boogie Man x EZ’s Noble Paris
    4th Place - Bacon Creek Black Iron Mike Michael Deese NC
    Brush Buster Madd Max x R&R Lace
    NBQ – WCK’s Zack Ned Russell NC
    FC Gilkey Postoak Nip x FC Gilkeys Hilltop Joy

    15†Males 40 entries Judges: Dennis Owens and Rodney Hardin

    1st Place – Tru Blu Big Boy Meadows John Meadows NC
    Morrisons Cisco Kid x Running Creek Marty Jo
    2nd Place – Rushings Zeb John Meadows NC
    Rushing Hardline Danny Boy x Rushing Hardline Sally Mo
    3rd Place – Cane Creek Chicken Hawk Michael Smith SC
    FC Cranks Chicken x FC Worriax Bee II
    4th Place – Bear Creek Big Boy Bennie Eavenson GA
    Hutchins Runen Down Buddy x Pine Hill Jay Jay
    NBQ – Wiles Little Ben Seth Jacks SC
    Metz Big Ben x Devers Branch Lilly

    Saturday 3/27/2009

    13†Females 69 entries Judges: Michael Smith and Johnny Fendley (for Andy Pitts)

    1st Place – Narrons Snickers Jessie Williams SC
    FC Narrons Herbie x Cabin Creek’s Kelly
    2nd Place – Slabtown Hootin Hoosier Chris Long & Jeff Griffin SC
    FC Covington Cocoa Star x Faith of Coal Bluff
    3rd Place – Persimmon Ridge Lilly David McCormick NC
    FC Trimble Lord Piper x FC Nates Lilly
    4th Place – Fields Dark Line Connie Tim Cooper SC
    FC In-Line Jack Flash x FC Wienhorst’s Dark Line Connie
    NBQ – Piney Creek Star Diva Girl Danny & Kay Bright KY
    FC Covington Cocoa Star x Phillips Greenbriar Trixie

    15†Females 17 entries Judges: Michael Hayes x Jerry Clark

    1st Place – Paiges Liza Charles R. Adcox SC
    FC Thorn Gap Dark Gibb x Long Hollow Liz
    2nd Place – Stephens Good Time Lacey Kenneth Stephens SC
    FC Wine Creek Bodene x Tates Honey Bear
    3rd Place – Solid Rock Red Cream Dennis Lowry NC
    Buckshot’s Sam x Wolfcreek Little Maggie
    4th Place – Wold Creek Chopen Julie Wayne Wardlaw SC
    FC Rapid Run Lil Shy x Mountain Music IV
    NBQ – Tri-County’s Booker’s Bonnie Travis Still SC
    FC Choptalk Boldcreek Booker x FC katdaddy’s Reap Whatcha Sew