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    I went to the North La. Beagle Club Derby Trial today and I want to thank everyone involved for their hospitality and friendship. Great host and hunters make you feel right at home. This was my 1st field trial but it won't be my last. There were plenty of rabbits and good running hounds that could flat bark at the bunnies. There was plenty of good food too " excellent gumbo " and delicious dessert along with some hunting stories for lunch. I don't know which dogs placed but you would have to say they were all very competative. Thanks for inviting me and I had a great time.

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    Glad you came Roger, I got home and I'm beat. The males took a while to get into the rabbits but we finally had some really good running in the little male's winner pack. I don't believe anything was as good as the little females were this morning. They were my kinda rabbit hounds!

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    Can you give an example of a schedule of events at a trial?
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    Cecil they had 13" female, 13" males, 15" females and 15" males divided into equal cast. The club has 2 places to run one inside the enclosure and one outside so they were able to run 2 packs at a time. The top dogs in each cast were chosen to run in a championship cast. They have a fine place to run with lots of rabbits. We were constantly seeing rabbits that were not even being run by the dogs. It is an excellent club and running facility and close to where you live. You should really check it out you can't help but like it and the guys in the club are super nice.

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    What time do they start and finish? Any more coming up soon? May try to ride and see for myself.
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    Cecil, They are running another clubs hunt tomorrow at this same club location. It is a Derby trial just like today. I got there at 6:30 this am. and the books closed around 7:30 am I think. You should go down there especially as close as you are to it.

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    I wish I could have made it down there but Ive got to be off next weekend for our trial so I didnt need to take off two weekends in a row. Ive got one male qualified for the runoff and another one that Id like to if he can pull it off.

    Most of em start around 7 or 8 am. When they end depends on how many dogs are entered and how hard or easy rabbits are to come by.

    You can find alot of em on the sites bglenut listed and has a list of their trials. Our club has one coming up next weekend in Morrilton.

    They can be alot of fun if you go to one that fits your dogs "style".
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    Church on Sunday, can't make it , maybe another day.
    Did you talk to anyone about joining the club, just wondering on some of the details?
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    Sorry about being so late getting back on here. I fell into bed pretty earlier last night after a long day. We did have some really good running today even if entries were smaller. The quality was awful good in all four classes. We had hounds winning and placing both days from Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. The following is the best of my memory and accuracy isn't not guaranteed or warranted as I am not good as I once was!

    North La Beagle Club

    13" females
    1st- Terry Roberts-Miss with a Mokie Bear
    2nd- Don Cobb-Miss-??????
    3rd-Greg Nichols-La-off his FC Ready to Run Smokey
    4th- ???
    NBQ- James Murphy-La-Flat creek

    1st-Greg Nichols-a Smokey
    2nd-Brandon Prestage-Miss- FC Rapid Run Lil Caddy
    3rd-Greg Nichols- a Smokey
    4th-Greg Nichols- a Smokey
    Nbq- James Murphy- FC Clearcut Gomer

    15" females
    1st- Lane Rugg-La-off his Peanut II(Short's-Blackcreek)
    3rd-Matt Lee-La-off FC Cherry Creek Rolie
    4th-Gary Hanks-Tx- off FC Cotton Country Dillon( mate to Peanut II)

    15" males
    1st-Lane Howe-La- off Fc Midnight Hawk
    2nd-Rev Charles Stevenson-La-a Hagan bred male
    3rd-Speedy Edwards-La- off FC Choptalk Little Cooter
    4th-Lane Howe-off Fc Midnight Hawk
    Nbq- Mark Elliott-La- off FC Choptalk Little Cooter

    Rose City BC

    13" Females
    1st- Terry Roberts-Miss- another Mokie Bear
    2nd-Terry Roberts-?????
    3rd-Jessie Smith-La-???
    4th-Mark Elliott-off FC Choptalk Little Cooter
    NBQ-Jessie Smith-?????

    1st-Brandon Prestage-???
    2nd-Brandon Prestage-off FC Rapid Run Lil Caddy
    3rd-James Murphy-off FC Clearcut Gomer
    4th-James Murphy- off FC Caddy
    NBQ-Jessie Smith-La-off FC Sideshow Blue Duck

    15" Females
    1st-Lane Rugg- off Peanut II
    2nd-Lane Rugg-off Peanut II
    3rd-Gary Hanks-???
    4th-Lane Rugg- off FC Midnight Hawk
    NBQ-Don Cobb-???

    15" Males
    1st-Lane Rugg-off FC Choptalk Little Cooter
    2nd-Lane Rugg-off FC Clearcut Gomer
    3rd-Lane Rugg-off Peanut II
    4th- Not awarded Won't run
    NBQ- Not awarded Won't run
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    I was wrong on the 13" females on North La BC... Don Cobb was the owner of the 1st place winner instead of 2nd and Terry was 2nd... Both were Mokie Bears