First cottontail hunt and rusty dogs.

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  1. 01/08/10 My pup, Littleman Jeb, got to go on his first cottontail hunt with my other dogs. This was our first rabbit hunt of the season and my dogs haven't been ran since august. They were rusty as I expected, but the pup did better than I could have dreamed on his first wild rabbit.

    New member of my pack(green collar) Littleman Jeb 8 months old.

    My cousin,Sam, with the only rabbit killed.

  2. Good looking dogs you got there

  3. Crofford

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    Good looking hounds:up:
  4. beagleman01

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    great looking hounds
  5. RKW

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    Good looking dogs. Nice pup!:thumb:
  6. Thanks,I like them alot. They are pretty easy to handle.