Fighting Ohio weather today

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    IMG_2519.JPG Most people in their right mind would've stayed home today. Was 50° rain and windy when we started and 29 when we finished. Can't always pick your free time. The spot we hit today probably had 2 feet of snow melted in the last 36 hours. It was a little wet. The bunnies were holding very tight the dogs or the hunter had to get close to get them moving. We managed to get three up and running. One came home with us.
    The other two made it back to a hole.
    One short run, one nice big circle.
    There's one spot on the property about 4 feet higher 20 feet wide with a bunch of holes. It's the only dry ground that's where we lost them.
    Had to get back home before all the rain turned to ice and snow. All in all not a bad day considering the weather
    My weir creeks were basically hunting
    In a big creek today.
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    That sounds like a pretty good day with your hounds thanks for posting.........Wilbur

  3. Nice pic and how did you train them to pose for the pic like that looks like they heard the camera man say smile nice hounds
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  4. Nice , those are some beautiful heads on those dogs, any time that you can get out is a good day.
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  5. Heh heh,,lovely “Ahia” called out to work so I couldn’t go today,,,,should have never answered the phone,,,,good job...
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    Nice renovators!! Yes the weather changed very quick today.