Fence Wire for Training Pen

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  1. I am wanting to build a training pen at my house and was wondering what the average wire that you see used. I was at first thinking 4'-5' 2x4 welded wire but then I am not sure about that. That will be costly for a decent sized pen. Then I am afraid that a rabbit might slip through 2x4? I was thinking that I might could try and find some chicken coop style wire with the roundish holes about 3' high, won't last as long as the 2x4 but it will be alot cheaper to make bigger pen. What have you used in the past or have seen used for a training pen?

  2. that wire will work a rabbit will go threw the 2/4 wire
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    Get apron wire at Moore Feed store in Pontotoc Miss. 662-489-1411. 17gague not coated wire.I have built 3 pens.
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    i lost more rabbits goin through the 2x4 squares finally i figured it out and lined the bottom 2 foot with poultry wire and seem to be holdin them fine now
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    Call Alexander's General Store in Stanley, NC. 704-263-8475. Just built a starting pen using 4ft. vinyl coated hex fencing (same as chicken coop fence only coated). Bought 600ft. for $320.00, $.53/ft. Not sure how that compares to the price of uncoated but should last twice as long at least I would think.