Females Fighting....

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  1. Okay... Ki-Ki and Trixie have been kenneled together ever since I got them.
    Both have just gone thru their first heat cycle... and now are constantly fighting. Ki-Ki is pretty torn up... thus Missi is not happy with my Trixie :down:. This has just started in the past week... any ideas as to what has prompted it? Will it pass?
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    I think there just trying to prove dominance imo

  3. Beagle dogs are some of the most hard headedest dogs ever. I got two that are three years old, and still haven't figured out who's the dominate dog. They will fight till they bring blood, and then lick each others wounds.:banghead:
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    When i see a female start coming into heat i will pull her out of the kennel right then if she is with another female and put her by herself. For some reason females will fight each other alot of the time when they come in heat. Your situation can be very tricky because i have broke dogs up for fighting before and if you get pretty ruff with them it could make one or both shy toward you. I would seperate them but from my experience they will both carry a chip on their shoulder every time they come in contact.
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    Females in heat being grouchy???....No comment on that one..ha ha ha

    However..I have a female that is a total dominant hound toward other females..but not the males....One of the reasons why I want to move her along out of my kennels. For this reason she is kenneled alone.
    However...towards humans she is very submissive...rolls over to be petted on belly all the time...lowers her head and wags her tail too...she has never ever been scolded or disciplined to cause this either.
    Confusing little dog.
  6. I would separate them for a while. You can put them back together later on if you want to see what happens.
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    ive got a couple of females like that have to kennel separate and haul separate dont know why they that way. dont fight with anything else
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    I think a lot of times the ones that aren't in heat get tired of the ones that are riding and pestering them all the time and this causes fights, then grudges develope and sometimes it lasts?
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    I would separate the two for a few weeks . Try to kennel them again after the separation and see what happens.
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    I've already posted on this but i will add this. Because of the fighting issue and you never know when it will happen or the cause of it sometime. I only kennel two dogs to each run because two dogs fighting each other have a better survival rate that 3 dogs or more in the same kennel run. If you have a fight break out among two dogs where their is 3 or more dogs in there together it could spark a free for all among the whole bunch or two or three dogs could gang up on one and kill it. I have more fighting problems among males when their housed together than females. I had these two young males that were litter mates kenneled together and they didn't fight because one had the dominance over the other. I took the alpha male out a couple of days and bred a gype to the other one and then when she went out of heat i took her out and put the male litter mate back in.. Guess what, the male that bred the female was no longer afraid of the alpha male, a big fight, i had to move one of them out for good.