FC Upcreek Little Rock

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  1. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    Can you add contact info so id anyone wants to call or see Rock, they will be able to get ahold of you.

  2. Brain fart if you want to see him run (314)910-3823 Stan
  3. mikew

    mikew Member

    I would like to thank Stan for selling me Rock back. He was really missed around here. Rock has produced the best dogs that I have ever raised. Anyone interested in breeding to or seeing Rock run please give me a call.

    Mike Williamson
    Philadelphia, MS
  4. bterry

    bterry New Member

    Ive got a budy that has a this year derby out of Rock he really seems to like her
  5. mikew

    mikew Member

    bterry Do you know if this is the big female that won Mid Miss derby trial? I was just wondering if this was the same female you were talking about?
  6. bterry

    bterry New Member

    I believe we are talking about the same one Chad Stubblefield owns her
  7. sim1

    sim1 New Member

    i have a female out of fc upcreek little rock and and beaver creek annie IV. she is as honest as they come, tight on the line and turing in to a pretty good jump dog. she got nbq in a derbie trial
  8. mikew

    mikew Member

    At 9 1/2 years old ROCKS last two litters were very large! One was a litter of 10 and this morning I woke up to a litter of 13! Man ROCK can put you in the dog business fast.:banghead:
  9. mikew

    mikew Member

    ROCK is now at his new home with LENNY SCHOUEST in LA. For more information on ROCK call [email protected] 504 460 7233. ROCK is producing some real nice pups and I hope you will consider ROCK for your next litter!