FC Russell Creek Reaper's Brew

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    Brew is now owned by Wendell James, 2866 County Road 23, Bay Springs, MS 39422, Telephone No. 601-764-3774.

    Brew is off FC Russell Creek Grim Reaper and NSPC FC Goodwater Blew By You.

    Brew is a close, clean hound that runs the line. He has a good nose but does not have the extra mouth that often comes with dogs with good noses. He is putting good foot and good hunt in his pups.

    Stud fee is $200.00 and a current brucellosis test. Field Champion females will be free with a current brucellosis test.

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    I have a nice 2011 Derby male out of brew. Good hunt, good looks, and a good mouth. I will breeding a female to Brew in the near future.

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    Another Brew pup won a derby at South MS this weekend in Big males. This dog is throwing some above average pups. They are close and clean. The best part about this pups is that they are above average in intelligence. They always know where the point of loss is and it doesn't matter what the pack is doing. They don't rattle! I have seen about ten to twelve derby's run out of him. They may get pulled over the line, but as soon as they stop smelling rabbit, they will make you pay. You should consider this dog in your breeding program and he is in the South. Wendell can give you references on the owners of these derby's. I started out with one and now have five of them. Give him a call, he is worse than three women when get him talking about beagles (no offense to any ladies that might read this).
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    love them pro hounds:up:
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    Pics from the DSBGF Two Couple Pack Championship



  6. Does anyone know where this dog is currently at? Does Mr. Wendell James still own him. I have tried calling the # above but havent gotten an answer.

    Also, does anyone know anything about what this dog has produced?

    Thanks in advance!
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