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  1. Has anyone seen this dog run if so running style and so on thinkin about breeding to him
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    I have seen him run a couple of times before he came to Mississippi. He is a great male with hunt and great line control. He can run the front of pack up.

    What female you looking to breed to him? Pedigree?

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  3. Her top is Right Stuff Billy Boy and Bottom is a Right Stuff Billy Boy / Kbuck bitch
  4. Thanks for the Info Bglenut what do you think of that cross my female is a great track dog lacks some hunt and maybe a little foot that's what i would like to add to her thanks for any help
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    If you will travel a little more you can breed her to Shooter or Deacon that Terry Nelson has at his kennel.


    Check them out.

    If you think that is to far, then It would be a good cross with Cooter Joe. I just have not seen any pups off him yet. I have seen several from Shooter and Deacon and they are NICE with plenty of HUNT, GRIT, and LINE CONTROL.
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    Either Way you go will be a great choice.
  7. I checked out his web site and i like Deacon but looks like about 5 1/2 hour drive one way its a little to far for me thanks for the help
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    I had a brother to cooter joe - same dam but mine was out of Reaper. Nice dog, I have a litter of pups coming out of him. the bitch line these dogs are out of is awesome! I did a littel research and Gass's chopping penny pops of in several places. I also have a derby male out of Deacon and a blackjack bitch that I got a couple of weeks ago. I really like what I see with him so far. I dont think you could go wrong with either of those two dogs from what I have seen. A wise man once told me that hed rather be lucky than good any day so Good Luck!
  9. Thanks Woodleaf I sure hope I'm Lucky
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    You mite what to call Monty Johnson up in Mo. and see what Stud Dogs he has at this time.

    573-358-2722 or 314-223-6417
  11. Yeah don't know what I'm going to do but she started saturday so I need to make my mind up
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    Im not trying to talk you out of a dog if thats the one you want to breed to but Leonard Robinson has an Otis FC that probably isnt 30 miles from you.

    Ive got some pretty decent dogs sired by him including a male that it would take way more to buy than a sane person would be willing to spend for one his age and Randy McMillin has a female that has one win in SPO and maybe a place or two. Im sure there are others that I dont know about.

    Ive seen him run several times and even tried to get Leonard to price him to me but he wont do it. He's pretty much got it all imo.
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  14. FB

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    What a coincidence. Thats the pedigree to the male that I have out of him.
  15. That's who i was want to breed to but someone said that he was in MO now stud out has anyone heard that
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    Just call Leonard Robinson at 870-225-9201 and ask him if he has his male in his kennel and tell him you have a female that you are wanting to breed to him.
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    I thought you would like that pedigree I posted - HA HA
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    I forgot that Jeff Williams has him right now conditioning him for a hunt this weekend. Sorry. :smack:

    I talk to Leonard almost every day and I think he's gonna bring him home after the hunt. Depending on her cycle next Saturday would only be a week so it might still work out for you. If your afraid youll time it wrong you could take her to Jeff's and let him keep her a few days then Leonard could bring her back with him.

    Since neither one of em are on this site (that I know of anyway) Ill go ahead and say that both of em are pretty good guys and will work with you to help if they can. Just dont tell em you heard that from me. :whistle: