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Well started tri colored male born 09/15/19. 13 1/2" tall. Out of FC Dry Creek Iron Mike. Not a Fld Trial prospect. Flat medium speed. Loud bawl mouth, not mouthy, fair hunt. Needs to go to a pleasure Beagler that enjoys listening to the chase and shoots an occasional rabbit. He has been gun hunted and shot over. Not gunshy. I entered him in Music City's derby trial, he packed up and ran good and was caught for me by a stranger. He was also shot over at this trial. Handles good but may need a bit to warm up to a stranger. Good conformation other than he does have an under bite. Trial here. Mack Cullins 931-636-3414. Belvidere, TN. 37306 $200 Trial here. Video on request. *SOLD


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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