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  1. john c

    john c New Member

    I have a female here who has teddy bear as her grandsire. I believe Teddy Bear was from Mississippi. Does anyone know of him? If so how did he run? Style,speed etc. Just curious about this hound.
  2. buddy of mine has a whole line of weir creeks several grand pups of teddy, lots of hunt above average speed. Do not like to stop hunting. Good line control. All around good dog. They can smoke a rabbit.

  3. john c

    john c New Member

    coach thanks for the reply. Hes her grandsire on the top side. Shes got great line control,uses her mouth well,decent hunt and id say med.-upper medium on speed. Shes a little 13" hound. The funny thing with her is that until recently i would say she was an average hound as far as ability but recently she has really been smoking the bunnies. More than she ever has. Her ability to pick up a check and keep pressure on the rabbit has improved dramatically. Shes gonna be 3 in a month. Im not sure why shes improved as much as she has but im not complaining. :D
  4. John C, I have one right now that is the same way. She is about to turn 2 and she gets better everytime I go out now. Several I have dealt with are this way. They seem to start about like everything else but continue to gain ability as they age.
  5. Brantbeagle

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    I also have aTeddy Bear grandpup,great hunt and line control I just wish she was alittle faster she only runs about medium speed.I'm thinking about breeding her to Kotchs Moss Glen Tucker to put alittle more power in her pups.
  6. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    Seems to me if a hound is given the opportunity they will improve till about 3 years old.
  7. NYJoe

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    I know where there is a male directly out of Teddy Bear here in NY...belongs to my buddy.....awesome little dog..
  8. john c

    john c New Member

    Joe are you talking about Shake? If so then this is one of his pups from Mr. Hickocks litter that he had 3 yrs. back. Jeff she been a good hound but about average in ability until recently.(3 months or so) Ive been running her as much as time allows and she has been burning up the bunnies very consistently. She seems to find her checks quicker and is able to keep pressure on the rabbit more than she ever did. :D
  9. NYJoe

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    Yes..Shake.....I had a chance to get his littermate brother a few yrs back but his littermate had seizures so I passed..I actually thought his littermate was better but couldnt deal with that medical problem. Dick has gotten out of the dogs..sold alot and gave away a bunch..Shake was given to our friend Chuck Carpenter who will take excellent care of him and hunt him often. I didnt realize this was you. Glad the hounds are doing well for you.
  10. john c

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    Im sorry to hear that Mr. hickock got of hounds but glad to hear that shake and the rest got good homes and get out and hunt. The litter mate brother to my female could be a far better hound but doesnt get run enough to really let him develop his talents. Hes got a voice like ive never heard. Kind of a strange squall and he is loud. He'll dig in on checks and gets alot of them before the other hounds in the pack do most of the time. Ive seen days where hes the only dog that can pick up the line and go. My friend owns him and his work schedule doesnt allow him to run him like he needs to be.