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Never before in the history of Beagling has ANYONE ever thought to glean from the many brilliant minds of those before us that more than the minority of the doggers classified “difficult” to deal/work with... Well, I don’t categorize people like my newfound friend, Mr. Kenneth Racine (of Birch Lake Beagles | Ishpeming, MI) to be difficult by ANY means whatsoever. Just PASSIONATE! Big difference. Those that bare a “firm stand” with the outlook of their kennels are MY KIND of breeders. No nonsense type of doggers! If we had more like him I tell you we’d be a lot better off LOL.

Anywho... FC Birch Lake Pal III what is there a man can’t say about this marvelous lad other than the obvious of him being linebred FC Mt Zion Pete!.. let’s not attempt, let’s hear from his breeder directly:

Be sure to stay in the loop with where we’re looking to go with these here dogs by LIKING, SUBSCRIBING to the channel (Anderson’s Beagles) and hitting that notification 🛎! #MrHammerDown
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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