Fc albright's copper

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  1. ZakH

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    I have FC ALBRIGHT'S COPPER at stud me and my cousin own him. If you want to see him run call I am willing to run him against any dog. He is very close at checks, medium speed dog, and he is a very PRETTY dog. He is putting some power in the pups.
    Zak Hoover
    765 480 1743
  2. RKW

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    Got a picture and pedigree? That would help you on here.


  3. ZakH

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    No picture there will be one on the New Champions on the Espo board when ever it gets fixed. Any questions feel free to call me at 765 480 1743 thanks Zak Hoover
  4. ZakH

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    FC ALBRIGHT's COPPER will be at stud with Chuck Randall. If any questions call Zak Hoover 765 480 1743 or Rob ALbright 317 509 6640
  5. ZakH

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    FC ALBRIGHTS COPPER is now back home. He is proudcing some nice pups. Copper is a hunting machine, he doesnt have to have front he can beat you from behind, he is a true big dog, and he is very PRETTY. Feel free to come watch him run anytime. Stud fee is 150.
  6. ZakH

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    BTT how do you up load pictures?