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    Thanks for the pups. They are in great health, and look like a million bucks. You werent kidden about how good lookin they were. If they turn out as good as them two look, watch out boys! I did forget to ask you about shots, and worming. What kind of schedule were they on. Thanks again:thumb:
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    Im glad you like em. I like the "Blackcreek look" and they look as good as any that Ive ever seen.

    I wormed em about two weeks ago with Worm X. It was the first time Ive used it so Im not sure how well it works but they should be clean of any worms. I was told they had one shot when I got em and I gave them two more 7 ways about 3 weeks apart so they should be good till theyre a year old.

    I had not started them on Ivomec yet but had planned to the first of next month when I gave it to my other dogs.