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Was looking at your web site, and was curious how your gyp hurst cane susy was. Tell me how she runs, and her hunt and mouth. Thanks:D
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I didnt notice it till just now but I think Ive got those names backwards. :smack:

Im gonna have to wait till I get home to make sure but I think Susy and Belle should be switched. The pedigrees are right, just on the wrong dogs.

Anyway, I like her. She's a bluetick and doesnt have the "blackcreek look" and her tail is full length. She hunts good and runs good. She's got a chop mouth and uses it right 99% of the time. She's pretty independent when your trying to jump a rabbit. She wants to hunt where she wants to, not where I want her to. In a way thats good so I dont fault her for it. The only thing Id really want to change about her would be her speed. She's a step slower than most of my other dogs and seldom runs the front with them. She just slots up and runs where she's at.
The gyp I was talking about is out of Teddy Mac. I have 3 young pups out of him, that I am just starting. Curious how she was with her speed and mouth. Teddy Mac is cold nosed, and is a hell of a jump dog. He smells the rabbit when others cannot. He does not run the front, but will get the checks most of the time. Just curious on his offspring. Thanks
She sounds alot like him except I wouldnt call her cold nosed or a jump dog. She hunts hard and will stumble up on one every now and then but she doesnt jump alot of rabbits. She might get better at it though because I dont think she's been run very much. She stays pretty close to the point of loss and gets her share of checks and I like that.

How tall is Teddy Mac?

Isnt he bluetick?

I havent measured her but Im guessing she's pretty close to 13".
I have not messured him, but would say he is 13 to 14 inches. You can see his pic at Gary Ragsdales site. He is a great lookin hound. I have a choc. female, that he threw that looks like your pup.
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