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Hi fred i took some time to study your dogs ped's.
WOW you do like the nip ottis stuff.
my Doc dog would run good with your dogs.
did you know when you come up to fredricktown you was only about 30min from where Inline Black Jack lives?
i have talk to monty on the phone a few times. about dog start'in
nice guy to talk too.
he has a sweeeeeeeeeet set up.
he had a set back last year with his rabbit's
but i know he has a guys pups starting them now.
but im not sure if he has his big pens stocked yet.
one of them is 20 or 25 acres.

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Yeah, Im a little partial to that bloodline. :wink:

I knew he was up there somewhere but I wasnt exactly sure where. Black Jack lived for a long time and was a pretty darn good producer. I dont have anything straight out of him but its my own fault. When I first started getting AKC dogs I thought about breeding something to him and also to Little Nip Otis. I drug my feet and didnt want to spend the time or effort or money to make the trip and now both of those dogs are gone.
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