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    and is it what I want.I live in northwest montana and run walkers on lion and am thinking about getting some rabbit dogs so i can run in the off season they will be hunting snowshoes and i am thinking i need a really fast dog.Tell me what you guys think i need bloodlines and where to get them
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    If you're going to run Hare I believe you probably will need "Hare" hounds for sure, the Northern AKC Large Pack trial dogs have been bred specifically for this. The better Beagling magazine would be a good place to find some some hounds suited for running Snowshoe hare. I've never hunted Hare, only cottontails. I have owned hare bred dogs and there is a difference.

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    You can run hare with any good rabbit dog. I have hare breed dogs and run cottentails with them and also go up north and run hare every once and a while and they do good on both. One of the biggest misconseptions with hare breed dogs is that there all fast and wild,that won't run a hare any better than a cottentail. Some of the origianl hare breed dog were not all that fast but had big nose and could stay behind the hare. Hare don't run any faster than they have to. The hare dogs that are running in trials seem to be faster today but if you talk to the guys that hunt hare more than they trial they will probably tell you that you dont need all the speed. Most of the hare hunting is done in deep snow so the dog can only go so fast but he better have a good nose and be able to keep a track moveing foward.