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  1. here is a picture my Dad took about 15 years ago!!!...believe it or not...he was driving down the road..seen this...ran back to town (2 miles) bought a disposable camera...came back...and took the pic!!...no longer a myth...a black snake will eat a copperhead!!!
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    That's cool I wish they would eat all of them. If they can eat a Copperhead they could eat Rattlers too IMO. Watermoccasins as well. I hate snakes. All of them including the so called good ones. If you have ever gathered eggs in the hen house you wouldn't like the black ones either. Did I mention that I hate snakes. lol


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    We found a black snake swollowing a small rattler about 300 yards behind my house last summer.
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    thats a pretty cool picture
  5. High Rock Beagles

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    More than likely they are kingsnakes without the white markings. Kingsnakes primary food is other snakes and they perfer venomous over not venomous. It is always good to see one eating a venomous snake.
  6. just a regular old black snake...and a copperhead!!!...i have already seen quite a few copperheads this year!!