Ever lost a beagle to a coyote?

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by Hoot, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Hoot

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    Bought a dog from a guy a few days ago that had a coyote jump one of his beagles and kill it while he was running them one time .Has this ever happened to any of you guys.This kinda scares me because them dang coyotes are getting really thick around my neck of the woods,S.C.and N.C.
  2. never had one attack my dogs .. but i heard of them attacking beagles

  3. Jeff Gammon

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    Never have one attached, but I have had beagles in the past that would flat smoke a coyote. That was a pack of beagles running one coyote though. Not one beagle and a pack of coyotes
  4. Bglenut

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    I have never lost one to a coyote. We did have a large male coyote come in to the pack while hunting one time. Lucky for us we saw him and we put some #4 and #5 shot his way. He did get away from us that day, but I do think he learned not to come into a pack of beagles running.
  5. huguejm

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    I lost a real nice derby FC Midnight Mister bitch two years ago at night. Was running 4 littermate sisters late at night in the Honey Island Swamp and I heard the coyotes coming in on them. They wait until they are in striking distance befor they begin to bark. The yotes beat me to the beagles while they were running and took the smallest one the one I liked the best. Last I ever saw or heard of her. If I would have gotten to the hounds first they wouldn't have got any without one hell of a fight. I stay closer to my hounds while rinning at night in the swamp now.

    Mitch Huguet
  6. HunterMS

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    I have been lucky not to have lost a dog to coyotes and I have alot of coyotes were I run and run alot at night. A few months ago, I was running about 5 dogs and one split off and was running by herself. All of a sudden she stopped and came running up a log road towards me scared to death. I assume one came in on her.

    About 15 years ago, I was running during the day and a coyote or group of coyotes came in on my dogs. My brother had a pit bull that would follow me and stay with me while the beagles ran. He heard the commotion and went in and ran the coyotes off. It was so thick I do not think I could have gotten there fast enough to have saved them.
  7. bglehound

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    Have not lost a beagle but have had a few yotes come in on my pack a few times, luckily I had planned ahead and was able to neutralize the treat.
  8. TDOG

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    About 3 years ago I was running a pack on public hunting hear in oklahoma and the dogs took a right but a gyp sounded like she was hung way out to the left so I walk up to see if i could see what was up and she comes flying up to me with a yote hot on her tail he sees me and rolls to a stop a flys out of there it was crazy I shoot at him with # 6s but he don't go down. That was a crazy experience.
  9. MackC

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    I had an old female beagle killed by Coyotes while running at night 3 yrs ago. Also had them attack coonounds before. They are pretty mean in the spring when raising young. I keep an old foxhound and let him run every now and then. He will cold trail a coyote up and run him and fight him if he stops. Every spring he gets chewed up pretty bad.
  10. beagleman01

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    i have had one killed by yotes have to watch out for them.several friends in ok have lost a few
  11. I have a buddy that has a fair amount of land and he starts his pups at about 6 months by turning them out at night and just lets them run all night. He lost three in one night, found two chewed up in a field, never did find the third one. He said he started pups like this for years with no problems, now he has to do something different.
  12. DismalDawg

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    Saw one in the headlight of my truck while I was moveing closer to the dog one night and he acted like he didnt want to leave and I had to run him a ways with the truck but when he got out in the field he kept stopping and looking back where the dog were.
  13. RKW

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    I used to coyote hunt with Walker hounds and many times you had to have a couple of tough hounds to make that yote run. You could hear them fussing and growling before they would run until enough hounds got to them and made them run. I don't think a Beagle or two could handle a mean yote and although I've never seen one killed I wouldn't doubt it for a minute.

  14. Crofford

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    had one beagle get chewed up by them pretty bad once she managed to live somehow.I've had several other yard dogs that were not so lucky.When I was a kid 3 coyotes had our cocker spanial surounded in the field next to our house in broad daylight fortunatly our little spanial had a buddy our half great peranesse half german shepard Sam ( HE WAS A HUGH DOG )he didn't like that to much and put them all on the run.
  15. daveh

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    never had but this winter we had one barking and howling coming towards us. i tried to sneak up on it. got about 50 yards away and it stopped barking. seen more yote sign this year than in the past.
  16. John-PA

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    I had one get caught by a yote 2 years ago. Put some holes in her back leg, and a couple in her muzzle. I was only about 75 yeards away when it happened and I couldn't get there before it attacked.
  17. teamick9

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    Watched 7 of them jump a 40lb mutt and do him in one day. Another time at night I heard a pack take down a dog. You should have heard him squall when he realized he was going down. Both of these happened inside Tucson city limits . I have even seen coyote trotting down the street in the downtown area in the early mornings around 2-4 .
  18. Had one try to take my young derby pup this january 20 yards right in front of me in broad daylight. She was running a rabbit and taking it slow in the snow. I looked up and he come out of no where right on her, i yelled and he turned a couple yards before he took her, got real lucky! I woukd like to kill 99% of the dang things around here.
  19. I personally have not, but I have two buddies that have. One guy while running at night, lost one and two more came in all chewed up. The other guy lost one right at his house. He let two of them out to run a ditch bank beside his house while he was working in the barn. He heard the awfullest sqawllin' and looked out of the barn just as two were going off with his lifeless gyp.

    They are pretty bad these days. They say that running with bells on the dog deters predators but I don't know if there is any truth to that; just in case though, I have started running mine with bells and actually prefer them on anyway.

    Does anyone know whether there is any truth to this bell theory?
  20. huntnharris

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    I haven't had any problems with yotes', but have had a few guys telling me they have been running into them here lately.

    Have heard the same thing about the bells, but haven't tried it.

    Been thinking about buying a new .357, told the wife I need this to "protect the dogs".:thumb: