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Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by dbounds, Mar 4, 2010.

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    For those of you that know Ernest Floyd just wanted to inform you he has had two strokes and is in Baptist Hostpital in Little Rock. Things don't look good at this point, but we all know how things can turn for the better if that's what the Man upstairs wants. Please remember Ernest in your prayers! He's a very dear friend and I've spent many hours with him running beagles and enjoying his company. Just hope we get to turn em loose again!
  2. Ernest, you are in my prayers. May God bless you, heal you, and comfort you. And may you feel His everlasting presence in your heart.

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    ya'll keep this fellow and family in your thoughts and prayers, never met him but he is in my icu unit at work very sick.

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    Ernest passed away Saturday. Rest in Peace my Friend.
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    sorry about your friend i knew he wasnt doing well when i left friday morning,but he is in a better place now.

  6. David...

    Sorry for the loss of your friend, and for the family that has lost a loved one.
    Our hearts go out to all of you...

    Dennis and Missi
  7. sorry to here that dbounds
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    God is still good

    Dbounds I will continue to to pray for his family ,I am deeply sorry for your loss,but if you guys are children of God it not really a loss it just a time of separation till we can meet again in heaven where the real fun begins AMEN!
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    Im sorry for your loss David.