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  1. Hey everyone, I just had one of my dogs cut her foot really bad. I was giving her some antibiotics and keeping the paw clean. I purchased EMT gel at tractor supply (you can also get it in Lion Country Supply). After putting the gel on her paw for just 6 days now the wound is almost completely healed and back to normal. I really think this EMT gel is some awesome stuff and I know personally it will always be in my arsenal for keeping my dogs healthy. Just wanted to let everyone know how well this worked for me.
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    Good to know about any product that actually works. Thanks!


  3. i got some gel from my vet that you rub wound and it healed good in just afew days i bet it the same stuff... would i got is called derma gel
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    Been a part of our Kit for 10 years now..Wont go afield without it....
    Heck I remember when it was $4.95 a tube!!!!!
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    emt gel is some great stuff
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    Does it have an antibotic in it or is it just a gel

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    It is some great stuff but if the price keeps rising I'm gonna have to find something else.