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    Well i got a email message that came through the junk email but i opened it anyway. I guess it is a scam but this is the contents. The email was from a lawyer, he gave his name and said that a lady, and gave her name had made a will because she is dying of cancer. She had named me in the will and my part is one million and a half dollars. I have never heard of this woman in my life but the reason she was giving me the money made since and i am supposed to call the lawyer by phone. I get scam emails sometimes when i post a beagle forsale but this don't have anything to do with dogs. I was just wandering if anyone else has gotten one of these.
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    You know what they say if it sounds to good to be true. I'd say be very careful but check it out if you want too. You can find out if the lawyer is legit by checking with the state bar where ever he is out of. If it continues to sound to good contact your Attorney General as well. Be careful and good luck. Don't get your hopes up. There is something that doesn't sound right about getting this type of information through an e-mail.


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    I would think if I was left that much money a lawyer would contact me in person or by phone. I wouldnt give any information. I am sure they would want to make a direct deposit so you would give your banking info.
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    I think that might have been me e-mail.
    I always figured some old woman would die and leave
    me a fourtune.
    that may expalin my lack of work when I was in school. :whistle: