Easter Bunny

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by rosco, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. rosco

    rosco New Member

    Ya'll keep them hounds under lock and key tonight , less they chase that famous rabbit.

    Enjoy a day with your family and friends tomorrow.

    the tomb is empty
  2. Hoot

    Hoot New Member

    AMEN!! Brother The LORD is Alive and still on the Throne!I thank him daily for taking my sin debt Praise GOD!:clap:

  3. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    Amen! Let HIS light shine in your life and may HIS blessings fill your life with love and happiness. Happy Easter Everyone.

  4. beagleman01

    beagleman01 Active Member

    happy easter everybody
  5. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    I'm goimg to be leaving for our sun rise service in a few minutes. Going to start praising Him earlier this morning.
  6. BRamsey

    BRamsey Moderator

    Remember, Don't let the easter bunny take the place of Jesus in your kids and grandkids lives today! Happy Easter eveybody. Bobby
  7. i think this is the most important holiday there is!!!...where would we be if CHRIST had not risen from that tomb???...ETERNALLY!!!!!....I THANK GOD FOR SENDING HIS SON TO DIE FOR ME!!!!!...AND YOU!!!.... happy Easter to all!!!!!!
  8. happy easter everyone
  9. seavinc

    seavinc New Member

    happy easter and God Bless everyone
  10. 12Gauge

    12Gauge Active Member

    Hope all had a good Easter day, had it not been for today we would have no hope for tomorrow.