Ears... torn up !!! What do you treat with???

Discussion in 'Beagle Health' started by ddetar00, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Just wondering what everybody's thought are for treating the underside of the ear.

    Ran yesterday morning and somewhere in the thicket was a meat grinder that got ahold of Chase's ears... I do not think there is a unscaved layer of skin to be found. Collar and neck was covered in blood. so now I have to treat for infection and speed healing... ideas? thoughts?

    He and Hunter both are showing sign of irritation by shaking there head, but gently not to fling the ears... I imagine they hurt like :censored:
  2. cdp

    cdp New Member

    Nu-Stock or Bag Balm. You Can Get it at TSC

  3. Do You apply these products withy open wounds present?
  4. RKW

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    ddetar00, If mine were that bad I would use Neosporin for the infection and healing. If you have a bleeding problem I like Wonder Dust which acts as a coagulant and healer. I used both of these together on a bad wire cut on my horses chest. You could lay your finger flat down in the cut. It healed completely and didn't even leave a scar. Wonder Dust will clean any proud flesh or crust. Once you've stopped the bleeding just use Neosporin.

  5. cdp

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    yes i did forget to tell you a&d ointment also. the others have a anticeptic in them so you can put it right over the cut. i use bag balm on my dogs tails when they get tore up and it keeps them from getting sore
  6. Thanks Guys... I have Neosporin cream in the cabinet... will apply that this afternoon. The bleeding has stopped... but as they flip their eays they break the scabs and some bleeding starts again. But not to the point of dripping ... Is Wonder Dust something I would Find at TSC as well... would pick some up whe I get the bag balm...

    Thanks again
  7. RKW

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    TSC usually carries it. It is very good to have on hand for cuts of any kind. It will be in the horse supply section.

  8. john c

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    I usually inspect their ears each time we come in for the day and remove loose burs,hooks,thorns whatever ya call them. I use neosporin on the worst of it and they usually heal very quickly.
  9. john c

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    On the bad tears ive used EMT gel to seal them up as they tend to bleed real bad.
  10. Jeff Gammon

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    I have one hound that on ocassion will het his ears tore up bad enough to bloody up his collar, but I only get to run about once a week, so their usually fine by the next week
  11. rosco

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    Iuse a sulfur cream. I can not think of the name. My neighbor uses it on his horses. He sugested it to me. Seems to work great. The brand I use smells like pine rather than sulfur.
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  12. huntnharris

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    I always just use triple antibiotic cream from the dollar store. Also works good for "hotspots" during the summer.

  13. bglehound

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    neosporin then some bag balm
  14. Larry

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    Cut and heal made for horses is what I use and it works real well.
  15. ManUp72

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    very old remedy red clay

    pack it with dry red clay you southern boys have pleny of it down their.when ever your out hunting and your dog gets a bad cut reach down and pack it with that dry red clay
  16. S.R.Patch

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    You gotta watch, the flies start eaten on tore up ears, they seem to love a blood meal this time of year.
    I spritz some genital iodine on the ear and then use the roll-on "fly wipe" for horses afterward. The non-alcohol iodine will heal,dry and toughen the ear while the fly wipe keeps the flesh eaters at bay...:wink: