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E-collar on pups????

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At what age do you start pups on come to tone and whistel with the e-collar?????
i have a 5 month old that is big enough to pack one around .
he will come to whistel , snap of fingers , call of name.
and seem to be very eager to please.
but the last 2 weeks when he gets close enough to grab him. he wants to do a fly by.
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I have a 7 mth old that always minded good but now that she has got rabbit crazy & haven to go get & carry her out , I`m train en her with collar, I try not to use em as long as i can but when they handel right ,its time ta collar em up.
Thanks Rob,
i have been bringing him in for an hour or two a night and playing with him.
verse just paying attention to him in the yard with the other dogs. when i let them out in the evening.
he is doing better and will even bring back a stuff toy rabbit.
( my wife bought it!! i am not that soft just so yall know:whistle:)
anyway he is doing fine some times i forget he is just a pup.
but i was thinking maybe it would be a good ideal to tone him when i call or snap or whistel then he can put 2 and 2 together with out the shock.
then when i have to introduce the shock for not comeing becasle of a distraction he might learn it faster.

what do ya think?
Five months is about the time I start their E-collar training. I start this in my little starting pen til I see how they react to the stimulation.
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