Dry Creek Kennels

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  1. FB

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    Nice site.

    I like those lemon pups. :thumb:
  2. BRamsey

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    Nice website and good looking dogs. I have a 5 1/2 year old male that has alot of the same dogs in his pedigree as some of yours. You up around Tulahoma? I have a sister that lives up there. Might come up and run a little one day. Maybe visit my sister while up there.
  3. Jeff Gammon

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    I really liked the history page
  4. Nice site I like the looks of Dry Creek Thunder
  5. MackC

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    "BRamsey" Yes I do live close to Tullahoma. Give me a call sometime, I'd be glad to run with you. I'm going to Lavergne tommorrow to an SPO trial. I have never kept males before but I bought those on my website to get some SPO blood close up into my dogs and maybe do some trialing. I just started attending some AKC trials last fall but I haven't made it past 2nd series yet.
  6. rosco

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    Never knew there was a second series.

    I have also saw adds where lunch is served at trials.
  7. batteauxcreek kennel

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    nice site good job on the video :up: