Doing some family fishing.

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Johnathan Sizemore, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Johnathan Sizemore

    Johnathan Sizemore Well-Known Member

    Ordered my action cam last night! Hope I’m not bugging anyone by posting this!
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  2. Rabbitfootforme

    Rabbitfootforme Well-Known Member

    That was awful big Johnathan... lol... the first fish.... that little girl is the highlight of your video.... nice little bass.... good video ... thanks Johnathan
  3. KyBrushBuster

    KyBrushBuster Well-Known Member

    No sir! We all enjoy seeing kids being raised in the outdoors. Little lady will be reeling them in soon! That's when the real fun begins!

    What kind of camera did you go with? I've been thinking about going hi tech but haven't bit the bullet yet.

    TJRANGER Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dang KY you busted my bubble!!! I thot these smart phones were high tech!!! Lol
  5. Circle4p

    Circle4p Well-Known Member

    I know that’s right TJ.....
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  6. KyBrushBuster

    KyBrushBuster Well-Known Member

    Lol. I can upload videos to YouTube pretty easy off my phone... after a few years of practice. I'm not sure I want to go through the process of relearning everything on a computer. Couldn't be no worse than trying to sync 2 e-collers to one remote, talk about high-tech! Thought I was gonna have to get my 4 year old to help!!!
  7. Rabbitfootforme

    Rabbitfootforme Well-Known Member

    lol, I hope I can... my smartphone is as high tec as I have.... hadn't figured it out yet....
  8. marshall dillon

    marshall dillon Well-Known Member

    That’s what life is all about there . Family enjoying the outdoors together .
  9. Johnathan Sizemore

    Johnathan Sizemore Well-Known Member

    shes definitely my little spotlight! Lol
  10. Johnathan Sizemore

    Johnathan Sizemore Well-Known Member


    After much research I decided to save a few hundred dollars and go with this one. GoPro is the industry standard but I don’t have that much money to shell out. Raising a family ain’t cheap!

    I really appreciate all the support guys please share our channel with anyone you can. So maybe it can someday grow into something to help out our family!
  11. batteauxcreek kennel

    batteauxcreek kennel Well-Known Member

    Any day you can get out with the family is a good
  12. nivensbj

    nivensbj Well-Known Member

    Nice Johnathan nothing like a Day on the pond with the ones you Love....Fish always like the real thing...Good video...made me want go now, my Wife loves it too....BJ
  13. Johnathan Sizemore

    Johnathan Sizemore Well-Known Member

    it was a fun day! Catching fish or not I love being out with the family. Thanks for watching!