Dogs Didn’t Jump

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by marshall dillon, Sep 18, 2020.

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    It rained hard all day yesterday into the night . When I went to feed them this morning the young dog didn’t want to eat and wanted out . So I turned him out . He hunted for about an hour and didn’t jump one so I turned the other dog out . This was the first time that they have not jumped a rabbit here . I didn’t walk with them because it was so wet , but I usually don’t have to . I think all that rain had the rabbits holed up .
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    Crazy man. You never can tell

  3. Addi

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    I went out twice last week and didn't jump a rabbit. I run on a large corn farm. There is a farm road through the middle, a couple drainage ditches with a fifty yard strip of brush covering each ditch. In past years the dogs jump almost as soon as the tailgate drops.
    I went out this morning and they jumped and it ran into the corn field. l had continuous running for three hours. Don't believe it was the same rabbit. The last rabbit they ran, it was obvious they were about to catch it. It was running a straight line and the dogs were in hot pursuit. I toned the shocked them off, loaded up and came home.
    I guess the rabbits have left the brush and are hanging out in the corn rows.
    Corn was planted later than normal here, so it will be at least another month before it is harvested.
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    I just went out to feed the dogs and I saw 2 rabbits on the side of my yard by the house . I started to turn them out , but I think my nephew is bringing his dogs over in the morning . I will wait and run them then .
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    Getting a good run in is began to be tough for and my dogs. It seems over the past week now it have been tough jump a rabbit, the rain got last Thursday don't help any. My dog jump one Sunday evening after walking over a hour in some thick brush I seen the rabbit run out, the chase lasted for about ten minutes the rabbit had to went in to a hole dogs never did pick it back up.
    I talked to other people they say they are having issues jump rabbits too.
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