dog shot ,trying to stay christ like

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    I recieved a call from a neighbor Saturday morning.
    He said my dogs were chaseing his goats.

    When I got to his house he told me that 4 of my dogs attacked a baby goat and he shot bird shot amongest them. ( my dogs are deer broke and have never ran any of my other neighbors goats)

    I ask to see the goat that was attacked so that I may take it to the vet. The reply was " I will take care of my goats you take care of your dogs.
    I was not allowed to see the goat.

    He called the police for some strange reason. When the police came by my house I had one dog missing. The I sent the Police back to his house to examine his goats. The Policeman could not find anything wrong with any goat. The police would not charge the man with a crime because noone say him shoot at the dogs and he would just lie in court.

    What can I do ?

    I am trying real hard to keep my cool . Even though just writing this makes my blood boil.

    The dogs dont even belong to me. They belong to my 14 year old son. He worked all summer to earn the money to buy them and he takes care of them.

    Looking for good advice, He cant just lie and get away with it.
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    Well I dont know what Alabama law is but a similiar story happened here in Mississippi. A neighbor here had some chickens and his next door neighbor had a high dollar duck dog (lab). The guy with the dog says he was worth $10000.00 to be exact. Well the dog was killing the neighbors chickens and the fellow with the chickens warned him he would kill the dog if he did it again. It happenned again the guy killed the dog. The dog owner later sued in court for 10000 dollars but failed. Why? The dog was on personal property destroying the mans chickens. The landowner had full right to protect his property and livestock.

    Now I dont know your story but I would need to see the dead sheep to solve the issue at hand. But in all case I would take the gunshot as a warning to keep off the neighbors land. If he did that he could do anything to kill dogs.

    Good Luck, hope you resolve the issue in a good positive manner...

  3. Jeff Gammon

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    Read Phillipans 4:8. It won' make your kids dog come back, but might make you feel a little better
  4. Man, this is a really bad situation. Keep us posted on this situation. I'm not too s ure what I would do. I had a neighbor that I really feel like deep in my heart, that he shot one of my squirrel hounds one time. And poisoned another. I wanted really bad to kill his lab, or his pet deer, but you know, it ain't their fault that their owner is a jerk. I would like to think that even if your dog did indeed kill his goat, that he would just come to you and tell you what happened and give you a chance to pay for his $35 goat. Now, your down a $300 dog, and he's still shy a goat.
  5. rosco

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    Thats just it the police said the goat shoed no sign of being touched.
    If i believed the dog had jumped the goat i would not feel so bad. I could understand.

    The killing of his animals has crossed my mind.

    Maybe if I can set an example for my teenage son soe good can come out of it.

    I still dont know what to do.

    I dont think I can just act like nothing happened.

    What a jam.

    Good news Mr Bobby Bryant has the boy two first class hounds We are going to pick them up this weekend. Mr Bobby is First Class
  6. first of all, not trying to cause more strife between you and your neighbor, but, something i think is fishy is this...if your dog was in fact attacking his goat (and not just barking at it) wouldnt the dog be so close to the goat that birdshot "amongst them" would have hit the goat as well? But, speaking from a Christian point of view, The Lord works in mysterious ways, something i learned overseas was to pray for my enemies. Sometimes it is the hardest and most humbling thing to do in life. But i believe that when we do, God will bless us and has a way of working everything else out.

  7. Hoot

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    Rosco if he is lying which it appears that he is,he may think he is getting away with it but only for a time,as we know God sees all and he will execute JUSTICE in due time,we reap what we sow AMEN!
    Sorry about your Sons dog brother.
  8. BRamsey

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    Be the better man, appologize to him for your dogs bothering his goats (whether they were or not). This will reep coals of fire on his head. Then let the Lord handle his business. "Vengence is mine, I will repay saith the Lord" That would be the best lesson for your son to learn also.
  9. RKW

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    Rosco, it is a crying shame that there are people in the world who would do such a thing. I had a $3500.00 Lab go missing and like you I'm certain what happened to him and it was a gift to my son. I bought another trained Lab and if you read one of my post on here you saw some pictures of what happened to her. I still say if someone has a problem with my dogs come and talk to me and I will remedy it but leave my dogs alone. You have set a good example for your family and believe me I know how hard that can be.

  10. Jeff Gammon

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    My old dad has 2 things in life you had better not mess with. His kids and his dogs. Not saying he is right, just the way he is. What Bramsey said is the truth, and good advice to go by. Turning the other cheek is never easy although it is the right thing to do
  11. I have been on both sides of the ball. My kids had a pygmy goat and the neighbors dog killed it. They told the police the vet said their dog had a non aggressive personality. He was half pit half doberman. So there was nothing I could do about it. Three weeks later he killed all three of their prize winning pot bellied pigs. What goes around comes around just like a rabbit.
    I believe you should tell someone about their dog the first time and ask for restitution. The second time I believe you have the right to protect your animals, no mater what the animal cost. He should have done this first. I don't believe in birdshot. If you are going to shoot an animal use something big enough it want suffer. Sorry about your dogs. Try to show your son the right way to handle it.
  12. My daughters dog killed my cousins chicken. I bought three chickens. Two to replace the one he killed. And one to put in the pen with the dog. Oh yea and an E-collar. He say he don't like dem dare bird no mo an he leave dem alone.
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    Bobby Wayne, My dogs did not chase or kill anyones livestock they were just shot period. The only reason the law couldn't do anything about it was that I didn't see them do it. Otherwise they would have been the most expensive dogs they ever paid for. Like I said don't shoot my :censored: dog.

  14. RKW no offence intended. I wasn't aiming at your situation, have'nt read it. I was just talking about two situations I was in. Nobody cares for their dogs more than me. Now in Alabama if you shoot someones dog without reason you can receive a year and a day. I personally think it should be more. And unfortunetly their are people out there that get away with this. What this guy did to this gentlemans dogs was wrong and he should be held accountable. The comment I made about the birdshot was because I had to have a dog put to sleep because someone shot him with some. Don't know who or why. I don't like to see animals suffer.
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    If you had kept your hounds in your control and off of others peoples land you would still have them. I know that sounds tuff but as you can see that's just how it is.

    You just learned a valuable lesson. Don't let it be in vain.

    Buy the truth and sell it not. Tie it around you neck.

    Mitch Huguet
  16. :headscratch:Where did that come from?
  17. RKW

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    Blev, That is a one size fits all statement. If that is so explain this. One night I was coon hunting on my OWN hunting lease and as I was walking to the tree I saw a light in the distance ahead of me. That person leashed my dog and took off with me hollering for them. I got to the road and shined my spotlight on the truck before it rounded the curve. I heard it stop about 1/4 of a mile past the curve then I heard the tailgate drop. In a few minutes I saw my hounds eyes shine as he came running down the road to me. They must have thought that I got their license number or I would have lost my coondog.

    I don't really know how I could have had my dog under more control in a hunting situation. So I'm not buying the truth that some may sell nor will I wear it around my neck.

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    This is an interesting post I was out this hunting season running a good buck rabbit when the rabbit crossed a posted fence so i walk along the fence until the rabbit comes back,it was less than two minutes so I catch them up to move them to another spot and just when I get them caught to guys drive up on four wheelers with GUNS! and start telling me that if my dogs get back on their posted property that they will shoot them. I tell them that I am very sorry about them getting on their property but I haven't been able to teach my dogs to read yet and that I wouldn't let it happen again they didn't like my humor and threatened me so I called the police since I was alone and unarmed and fortunatley it all worked out that day but sometimes you can do everything right and people will still be jerks.
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    YEP some people are just low down and sorry PERIOD!!,and God love em because thats the only one who does.Man i cant stand trouble makers!