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  1. What kindda dog food do you feed your dogs?
  2. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    I feed Black Gold Performance Blend. Its 26/18. I pay 24.95 for a 50 lb bag. My dogs seem to do really good on it.

    I used to be a big fan of Purina till they stopped making Hi Pro and I also didnt like the way they cut the size of the bags down.

    I still feed Purina Puppy Chow and even though I think its a very good food Im probably gonna try something else my next litter just because.

  3. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    Same as FB, Black Gold. Dogs do good on it and the pens clean out easier.

  4. Fed diamond for years and switched to purina dog chow and didn't like so I switched back to diamond.
  5. I'm feeding diamond feed right now
  6. I feed diamond as well. My dogs seem to do well on it, and they seem to get a really nice coat from it as well.
  7. Black Gold for me as well... I feed my 7mos + pups the black bag, and my running hounds get a 50 X 50 mix of black and blue bag. The Blue Bag has higher fat content for these colder days and the increased running... keeps the weight on them.... :up:
  8. Owl Creek

    Owl Creek New Member

    i just switch to Premium Edge which is made by (or) for Diamond.
    it suppose to have the fruits and vegetables add'ed.
  9. I just started feedin diamond hi- energy 24/20 going to see how it turns out
  10. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    I still feed Purina, buy it in the 50 lb. bags at Sams
  11. dbounds

    dbounds Active Member

    FB I'm feeding Caliber 24/20. According to the guy I get it from Caliber and Black Gold use to be one in the same and the company split. My cost is $19.30 for a 50 lb bag tax included. I compared ingrediants and it's the same as Black Gold word for word. We both live in Cabot if you want to hook up I will be glad to work with you and we can help each other out getting the dogfood and saving you some money? Just a thought? I think he also carries the performance blend your feeding. He's in Glenwood, but meets me south of Benton.Let me know if you want.
  12. cdp

    cdp New Member

    ultra advantage. 24/20
  13. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    If itll save me some money Ill do it.

    Heck, if I can feed em cheaper I might be able to get some more dogs. :idea:

    Ill pm you my cell number and we can talk about it.
  14. bseger

    bseger New Member

    i feed sportsman pride good results good stool and only 18.95 a bag
  15. Spini Boys

    Spini Boys Moderator

    Black Gold High Energy till summer then BG Performance. Had good results and Black Gold has been great to me and our Kansas Club.
  16. plumber

    plumber Active Member

    I feed Tops, so far so good!!!
  17. I feed Sportsmix with good results so far. I used to feed Diamond.
  18. woodhippy

    woodhippy Member

    Same here good ole Black Gold