dog box for a 4 wheeler

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  1. FB

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    Something pretty small.

    I run near my house sometimes and take dogs back and forth on my 4 wheeler and just want something that I can put on the back rack and carry a few dogs in.
  2. RKW

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    FB if you find 2 let me know.


  3. beagleman01

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    hey freddie check with ed brown
  4. plumber

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    I no were one is for sale at the hollis feed store. I have one myself and love it. Very well built. He is located on 603 hwy 314 between Jessivillie and Plainview. Andrews fishing hunting supply also sells good dog feed, several brands. He is a dog man himself, and sells products he uses himself. Phone number 1-800-818-6373. I can get 6 small beagles in my box, and fits on the back of the 4 wheeler great.:thumb:
  5. RKW

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    Plumber I'm not trying to get ahead of Freddie I'm not in any hurry at all but I was wondering if these are new boxes that are for sale? Is the one you have from there? Do you have a picture of yours you could post?

    Thanks, Roger
  6. plumber

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    They are new boxes. I can take a pic of mine, but someone will have to post it. Let me no who to send it two. The guy that makes them lives in Hot Springs, so he could sure make more. It is made out of 1/4 welded steel tube. Very strong box. I love mine. Call and talk to Jerry Anderson he has one box at the feed store last time I was there (last week). I will send a pick to FB if he will post it for me.
  7. plumber

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    I sent the pic to FB. It is a back view of the box. The door is located left front, in the pic. The only thing about the box is I had to put carpet in the bottom, because he uses a steel webbed bottom and the dogs nails will get hung in it, but a piece of carpet takes care of that, plus its very easy to clean out. The bottom also has a cut so it fits right over the raised bar on the rack. Hope this helps.:thumb:
  8. RKW

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    Thanks Plumber, I imagine this guy can custom build a box too!

  9. FB

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    Thats pretty much what Im looking for. Im going to call him this morning.

    Here is the picture plumber sent me:
  10. that dog will hunt right there. Neat little box. I took a 55 gallon plastic drum, and cut a hole and put a door on one end, 2x4s running along bottom so it don't roll, and strap it onto my four wheeler, works pretty good, and its cheap. Holds four dogs, no problem, five or six if you ain't going far.
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  11. FB

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    I called that number 3 times and left a message once and nobody ever called me back.
  12. 12Gauge

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    What exactly are ya'll looking for? I have one that I built (18x16x42) if the price is right I could sell and build another one before
    season opens. Or may could work out a trade, always in market for good stuff, pup or
    good crooked barrel 20 gauge.
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  13. Echo Hill's

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  14. FB

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    Send me a pm with a ballpark price 12 guage. I just want something small and light that I can use on my 4 wheeler. I use a plastic pet carrier now and it works OK I guess but Id like to have something a little better.

    Those are some nice boxes on that site but Im a cheapskate...
  15. Bglenut

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    1-662-223-4877 CELL 1-662-223-0519

    EMAIL: [email protected]



    He has sent them out by US Post Office to several different states.

    Hope this helps.

    I used to sell the same ones as makes. They are one of the best out there.

    I love the ones I still have.
  16. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    Both of the places I talked about above will make you any size you need.

    Both are great guys.
  17. Ken James

    Ken James Active Member

    I have one built by Mr. Bell . He made it out of fiberglass for me . I love it. It is light weight and it is divided with a door on either end . His stainless steel boxes are awesome ,but for a 4-wheeler I like the fiberglass better.I use it as a summer box in the truck sometime or as an extra when hauling somebody elses dogs.. K.J.
  18. daveh

    daveh Active Member

    got this one from mr bell. we needed another small box. its his 4 wheeler box and he put sides on it for me. shipped it from misissippi to cincinnati. super light weight.
  19. FB

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    Those are some nice boxes.
  20. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    This is us hunting and we are standing on top of our 4-wheeler boxes. The boxes we use are built just like the : .


    I have had mine for about 10years now.