Dog bleed out and die from an ear cut?

Discussion in 'Beagle Health' started by mcstriad, Apr 1, 2010.

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    Has anyone ever had a dog get a severe enough cut to the ear that they bled out and died? Just got home from coon hunting with a friend and the dog he just bought had a severe cut to the ear which I think was from a barbed wire fence. I think we got the bleeding stopped with Wonder Dust(designed for horses) and gauze. Just wondering if anyone has ever had this type of experience. We really thought the dog might lose enough blood to not make it.
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    Mcstriad, I have coon hunted about as much as anybody and had really good dogs and seen coons rip a hounds ears into several splits and they bleed profusely at times but I have never had one to even act the least bit anemic. Ear cuts or splits do look like they would bleed a dog out sometimes but you did the right thing with wonder dust now put some neosporin on it for infection and he should be ok. He will however open this up again until it hairs back over.


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    never heard of it either
  4. I have had a dog die from a ear bleeding. One of our dogs had got in a fight with another after running in on a coon. We some dust like similar to what ya used. It was to clogg it from bleeding and other stuff. It has been years ago so can't remember but the next day the dog was dead.