Do you run your dogs with collars?

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by FB, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Ive heard some guys say they dont run their dogs with collars because they dont want them to get hung up on something.

    I keep collars on mine all the time whether its in the pen or running.

    I ran yesterday and had a split. Two dogs took off on a different track that is on property that I dont have access to or permission to run on. Since the other 4 were still running where they were supposed to I figured Id give em a few minutes and theyd circle the rabbit back. Looking back I think it was some kind of off game (probably a deer) cause they didnt come back and they got out of hearing.

    I called to em and toned em with the e collar (which also has a name tag) and they didnt come back. I drove around on my 4 wheeler and couldnt find em then went and got my truck and drove around the roads surrounding the property looking for em. I finally found one of them in a neighbors yard just down the road but I still couldnt find the female that went off with him.

    At 11 pm last night my cell phone rang and it was a lady just across the street from where I found the one and she asked if I was missing a beagle. :whew:

    I had already left for work but my loving and understanding wife who had already gone to bed went and picked her up for me and put her in the pen.

    That aint the first time Ive gotten a dog back like that and its the main reason I always keep a collar on a dog.
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    Yes, Freddie I use them for 2 reasons. One and the main reason is just what you said, deer races or off game. The last day of the season I ran 3 rabbits and killed all three of them. Then they jumped another rabbit and circled it 3 or 4 times then had a major break down in a wetland area. They must have had three deer jump up right in front of them and they couldn't stand the pressure as I heard them take the track staight away. I drove my 4 wheeler about 3/4 of a mile to catch up with them to make sure what they were after. Sure enough 3 deer came out on the road and stopped to listen to the hounds. I turned my transmitter up to 6 and when the dogs came out opening on the track I let all 3 of them have a dose of electricity. It couldn't have worked out any better and you should have seen them, they jumped 2 feet in the air spinning and screaming and took off in three different directions. I called to them after that and they all came running very glad to see me. I can't tell you how many rabbits I have run with these dogs and never had any problem with off game at all. Then suddenly and after running and killing 3 rabbits they ran a deer. I would have bet money that they wouldn't do that but luckily they had their collars on and I'm glad they did.

    The 2nd reason is simply to be able to tone them when I want to catch them. It is better to have collars on and not need them, than to not have them on and need them. If you are talking about regular collars that is a yes as well because I've got my dogs back many times because my name was on them.


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    I will always have my collars on the hounds I am running even at the AKC Trials. I have my own set of Trial Collars with my name and numbers on them. Chain Collars are great also.
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    Oh Yeah - Glad you got you hounds back safe and sound.
  5. I use the slipcheck collars and they are on my hounds 24/7 , only time I take them off is when I bathe them. It takes a pair of pliers and a stong will to get them loose.

    In Arkansas... it is a law that they have a collar with the owner name , address and phone # if you are running them. I only have my name , city/ state and phone as that is all that will fit.

    I have never had them get caught on anything... the tape I put on their tails have... but not the collars.

    but for the risk of losing your hound and nobody being able to help them get back home... I would never run without a collar.
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    I use the slip check collars and when running they have a shock collar and a tracking collar on.Never had problems with them getting caught on anything.
  7. rosco

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    Use Ornge reflective collar with id.
    Most of the time they will have an additional Tritronics.

    Never have any problem.

    I have one I use to run with a weedeater string and still had no problem.

    If you are new to the sport you are now scratching your head .
  8. :headscratch: Yup...
  9. Rockdog

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    OK,I'm new to this whole beagle thing. What's up with the weedeater string :headscratch:.
  10. keep collars on mine all the time
  11. John-PA

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    I always run a regular collar and a e-collar on mine. The weedeater string is probably for catching the dog, just step on the string. For those dogs that don't want to go home when you do.
  12. Ah!!!!! I like it!!!! been wondering what I can do bout that har headed lil bluetick that runs when I say "To The Box".... I am all over it.
  13. I keep collars on my dogs all the time and when they are running they have an e-collar on also just in case I need to use it.
  14. rosco

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    John is right.
    The weed eater string is for catching if you have a problem. Start at 10 ft and adjust.

    I had a shy dog that I could not catch. The String helped until I could break her of shyness.
  15. FB

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    We were huntin' on a WMA this fall and had a swamp rabbit race. The dogs went out of hearing then came back. A guy I was with shot and missed and off they went again, out of hearing again. This time they were gone for what I thought was a long time. I started toning em and all of em came back but one.

    Im thinking she got ran over, somebody picked her up, a coyote got her, she was hung up, and a dozen other things that could have gone wrong because she's one of my best dogs at coming in when I call her.

    After about an hour my cell phone rang and a lady and her husband that were driving through the WMA caught her on the gravel road and saw my name and number on the collar and called me.

    I told em it would take me 15 or 20 minutes to walk out to them but that I was on my way.

    There are still some honest people out there. :wink:
  16. 12Gauge

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    Mine always has a collar on , and when running I add a e-collar on the ones that may need correcting, it is easier to reach out and touch one this way.
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    My dogs don't even sit in the pen without a collar and nameplate. Anytime I run, the young dogs have an e collar on. The only time I put an e collar on old dogs is when running at night and want to come home when I want to, not when they do! Did have one run away this year. Pretty sure it was a yote! The only dog that had an ecollar on was the pup that started it. Told the guy to hit her, but he waited too long. Problem was I had a 7 year old and two 2 year olds that went too. Didn't have ecollars on them, but wouldn't have hit them anyway. They left without saying a word! The guys pup didn't know any better, mine did. As far as I'm concerned, mine were just as guilty. Gone is gone! We had 9 dogs down, 4 left, 2 came back to us and 3 were just standing in the road! We got them all back, but I sure was disapointed in my three.
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    Mine always have the nameplate collar on even in the pen and it depends on the situation and the dogs as to wether or not they have an ecollar on. If Im getting ready for a trial i generally dont use them
  19. The collars stay on my dogs ALWAYS for that reason right there!