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  1. Jeff Gammon

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    My wife lets me have a coulpe of pages on her dachshund web site. My beagle kennel is named after a nick name my dad called my grandpaw (Do Right). Not all that much there to see, just have a few old blackcreek hounds
  2. plumber

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    Great looking hounds!!!!! I like the looks of Major, might consider him for a breeding. Does he have a tight mouth, with a big nose? Got a gyp that is out of Honky Tonk and Fannie that I am looking at males for. Anyways good looking dogs!:up:

  3. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    He don't put out quite as much mouth as my other blackcreeks, and has average nose. Rusty Goodnight has a pup out of him that I am told is slow. I have 2 pups out of him and dad has one that have plenty of foot (not fast, but good solid medium. Somebody over around Little Rock has a pup out of him and Griffins Searching Angel that they like pretty good. When his feet first hit the ground off of the tailgate some time he will bark 2 or 3 times, then he shuts up till he smells rabbit tracks. Pretty clean, straight dog. He is border line, I think truly a little over 13, but has measured under before
  4. beagleman01

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    nice looking hounds
  5. RKW

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    Jeff those are really some good looking hounds.

  6. Awesome looking dogs. You outta be proud.
  7. batteauxcreek kennel

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    Good looking dogs i would like to try one of your pups up here someday i don;t know how far it is to where you are but i might have to make a trip some day i like the way they are put together.