Disinfecting pens

Discussion in 'Beagle Health' started by Hoot, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Hoot

    Hoot New Member

    What would you guys suggest a a good disinfectant for previously used pens that you will raise puppies in thanks.
  2. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    Hoot, mine are on concrete and I use Clorox to disinfect it. I would use it on dirt as well. I believe the vet uses it too.


  3. Hoot

    Hoot New Member

    Thanks Roger i had the same idea.Think i have my female bred just making preparations for the puppies
  4. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    Clorox Bleach and water in a miture of 50/50 is what I use. Air Dry.
  5. rosco

    rosco New Member

    I use bleach.
    I raised by last pups in a plastic insulated house.
    I bleached it 3 times rinseing well and air drying
    in the 6 week period that the pups lived
    in it.
  6. TC

    TC New Member

    We use ODOBAN it is an anti bacterial, anti viral product which also reduces the smell. You can find this in the full strength bottle at SAMS club or at WalMart. Since we have been using this stuff it has been a lot better. One thing I don't like about bleach is if it is not stored properly it is like using water out of their water bucket and if not mixed properly the effectiveness is not as good as the other stuff.
  7. how do you mix the odoban? percentage of product with water?
  8. bterry

    bterry New Member

    Clorox is the most cost efficient disinfectant you can get just let the pen air dry when your done
  9. lime

    i use powdered lime i am assuming the lime raises the ph and the bacteria can't survive. I learned this from a buddy of mine who's dad has raised more dogs than i probably ever will. it wrks great.
  10. Pine Hill

    Pine Hill New Member

    concentrated Lysol, in summer alternate with clorox
  11. I like odoban smells a whole lot better than bleach and disinfects just as well...I just can't find it around us.