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did some tradin' today and got me some more Blackcreeks

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I traded 3 running females, one young started male, and a male and female pup for 3 running BC females, a young started male (he's only half BC, the other side is Otis), and a male and female BC pup. :whistle:

Im definitely in the Blackcreek business now...
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Did you see them run before the trade and I hope you will not be sorry
I didnt see the pups or the started male run and I traded for two because of what I was told about em by two other people (one of em's initials are Robbie :wink: ).

I can always blame them if they aint what I wanted.

Im just kiddin'. I dont figure to keep em all. Im gonna run em awhile and see em in the wild, with other dogs, hunt over em, etc. then make up my mind about em.
Well you know how it goes when you trade....did you get any Rebar stuff
Hope your trading turned out for the better for you Freddie
No, nothing out of Rebar.

I got two pups (chocolate female and a black male) out of Duce and Dogwood Bottom Blackcreek Diamond and I also ended up with Diamond. I ran this morning but I didnt take her cause she's gonna need some time to get used to me. She wasnt handled much as a pup or something cause she's bad shy. I dont think its genetic though cause the two pups out of her arent that way. Three different people told me she could flat burn a rabbit up but its gonna be a few days before I can see it for myself.

Another female I got is bluetick and is out of Callihan's Rappin Tommie and Steve's Bayou Fast Choppin Janie. Close to half the dogs in her pedigree are Cotton Country. She's a pretty fair dog. Hunts real good and runs good but hunts where she wants to, not where I want her to.

The third female is pretty nice. She's out of Teddy Mac and Pine Grove Sugar. She popped off a few times when she shouldnt have this morning but other than that she did a pretty good job.

I ran em with two of my "regular" dogs and they (the BC's) didnt run much of the front but they slotted up good and held their spot.

The two pups didnt have their tails bobbed and I put a band on em this morning. Sure hope I did it right and put it in the right place.
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Freddy that Diamond gyp was not handled right as a pup , i brought her up from La as a pup for Jeff The boy never handled her as pup at all. Got my eye on the little Choclate one. I realylike that breeden, its what i`m kicken but with. good luck & if i can help ya any way just give me yelp.
Thanks. Thats probably the problem since Ive got two pups out of her and they arent like that.

I take a bucket out to her pen and sit on it and pet her up good trying to get her used to me. Its starting to work a little bit but I dont think Im ever gonna get her completely out of it.

Knock on wood but I havent raised a shy pup yet. I get em out as often as I can and handle em and my wife and granddaughter do the same thing. I think you can go too far with it but I also think that the more you handle em when theyre young, the better they handle when theyre older.
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