Dern Snow!!!!!

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  1. Well my daughter is up here for Spring Break... we were going to run Twister and the three pups this morning.... there is like 11" of snow on the ground... and WINDY!!!! no good for pups learning... and Twister is a little short in the leg... something may freeze:whistle:!!!!
  2. RKW

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    Wow Deter 11", I don't think I've ever seen it snow this many different times in one year in Arkansas in my life. It rained here all night and now we are getting a real fine snow too. I don't think it will stick down here though. It must be all this Global warming, you reckon? lol


  3. one good thing... all the tick and chiggers that came out in the warmth last week will certainly regret doing so... this should kill a bunch off!!!
  4. bglehound

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    Down here in central Mississippi we had 70 degree temps yesterday and snowflurries and sleet today. I have never known it to snow in March.
  5. its windy and raining here but no snow
  6. Hoot

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    Yep been a pretty ruff winter in the south this year,but 11 inches of snow this time of year is pretty rare i guess huh
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    It's still snowing here in Central Mississippi
  8. beagleman01

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    was in gosnell yesterday all they got was rain, but man was the running good
  9. Your Killin me!!! David called and had been to Pickthorn (they burnt it all off!!! AGFC for ya) and was heading somwhere else to give it a try. I wound up with 16" on my A/C unit... have video of Ripley plowing thru the deep snow playing with a stick... it was about shoulder high to her at the time.

    So all I could do was THINK about how wonderful it would be to be out running. And now Hunter and Chase will be off for a whole week and I am planning on taking them to Woodson PP trail next Saturday... :smack:
  10. beagleman01

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    come on down should have some good running
  11. SHOULD be there... bringing CHase for sure... not sure if Hunter or Twister will be the other... I would love to get Hunter in and see how he handles it... but my heart says he is not the man. I know Twister will hit the ground runnin.

    How many you reckon will attend and how many judges? I will need to roll one or the other to a later cast so I can handle them... Missi has been "Exposed" to the process... but I am not sur ethe hounds will listen to her.
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    Here in WV Sat and Sunday was 70 sunny good running both days :beagle:
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    really dont know had a couple of calls from mississippi this afternoon, i know the hope bunch is coming so really dont know, should be a good turn out though.

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    I was thinking of coming back your way Tim but that speeding ticket i got coming home from Gosnell took the $$ from the piggy bank.
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    oh no sorry about that maybe this fall then
  16. Them things do tend to hurt a bit :smack:.