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Discussion in 'Field Trials' started by gumptruck, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. gumptruck

    gumptruck Well-Known Member

    Ihave a pup born August 28.2019 .That makes him a long derby right? so his derby year runs when to when. If I run him in say 2020 in derby can I still run him in 2021 even though I run him early or is it one yr and done because I run early?
  2. gumptruck

    gumptruck Well-Known Member

    Derby s confuse me

  3. Grizzly creek beagles

    Grizzly creek beagles Well-Known Member

    Confuses me to. I got one that was born june 4 of 2019 and would like to maybe run her in a derby
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  4. Bowguy 1

    Bowguy 1 Well-Known Member

    98D89E60-8A71-4D9F-A931-8E6CD0D4401F.jpeg Here you go guys.
    2021 is his derby year
  5. Bowguy 1

    Bowguy 1 Well-Known Member

    That’s a short derby. 2020 is the year
  6. gumptruck

    gumptruck Well-Known Member

    If 2021is my pups derby year can I run him 2020 and 2021 or only one or the other?
  7. barnold1

    barnold1 Well-Known Member

    Only 2021 in SPO.
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