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Discussion in 'Field Trials' started by Jimmy Rushing, May 6, 2019.

  1. image.jpeg He didn't get first but fourth isn't too bad. He had to handle three dogs while I judged a different class. He had a great time and learned a lot.
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  2. KyBrushBuster

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    That's something to be proud of for sure! Handling 3 dogs in a class is a lot of work! Tell the young man he has a bright future in the sport and a mighty fine looking hound.

  3. John Taylor

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    I am so glad to see young people handling dogs and hopefully enjoying the sport. I don't make many trials these days. One thing missing at most trials is young people. They are the future to the sport and most of all the future of the Beagle. This picture gives me hope!!!!

    TJRANGER Super Moderator Staff Member

    I don’t trial anymore either but agree with Mr Taylor that the future of the sport and breed depends on the youth. My 6yr old grandson is interested so guess Pa will get back into it!!
  5. KyBrushBuster

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    Couldn't agree more Mr. Taylor, I bet the average age of people attending field trials is probably 45+ some clubs may even be higher than that. As I've said before, if we want this sport to continue its up to us to pass it on... Maybe I got lucky but the few trials I've been to was very kid and family friendly. My girls loved going to the derby nationals last weekend. My 3 year old told me again last night she wants to be a field trailer. What more could a father ask for!
  6. We are trying to keep young people involved at our club.
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