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    I got this quote from another thread and in my never ending quest to get people to post and give opinions thought it might make an interesting topic to discuss.

    Do you agree or disagree that a dog that can win in Large Pack could or should also do well in SPO?

    Are LP and SPO not two completely different running styles?
  2. I have never been to arha lp trial but have been to akc lp trials. If arha is anything like akc lp I doubt that arha lp hound will trial in deep south. that quote sounds like a sells pitch lol. I've seen several arha hounds and most of the ones i saw didn't have control. Alittle to loose for spo trials in deep south. jmo

    Mitchell Wallace

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    Did the person indicate whether or not the hound was successful in the ARHA LP trials? Maybe the person meant that he would be better suited for SPO. Something that could compete in ARHA LP and place or win would not last very long in AKC SPO in the DSBGF in my opinion.
  4. Not Large Pack..Little Pack..You have four different styles of events in ARHA Large Pack/Big pack,Little Pack,Progressive Pack and Gun Dog Pack. I said Nemo should do well in AKC SPO Deep South,of course it would depend on the Judge of that event.Ray Blevins would let a hound run and he appreciated a rabbit hound,to me he was one of the top Judges in SPO.
    Nemo was from a litter of four,one died on me at around a year old,one..Jessie, made triple champion just a bit over a year old,LP,PP and Bench.Nemo and Blueblaze are still in my kennel and Nemo has the points and Blueblaze has wins and only needs a few more points to champion out.
    Many feel that PP and SPO are close in the type hounds that are entered in those events and if you knew the hound or hounds Blueblaze and Nemo both would do good under a Judge such as Ray Blevins.
    In AKC SPO does it not say accomplishment over style?? Nemo amd Blueblaze are fast line straddlers and i will admit most Judges in SPO prefers a medium speed hound over a fast hound.Not sure how many here remembers a hound called Termit owned by Ronnie kilgore,i have ran with Ronnie and Termit many times and i had a female back than that ran neck and neck with Termit and if you do remember Termit she was fast and exploded out of a check like a rocket!!!
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    If you have a dog that does well in lp and pp you have a rare dog. I am not saying that it can't be done but it is rare. I perosnally have a Otis hound that can run with my Satsuma hound. If you place attention when watching them run my otis hound is doing more running than work. If I run them together often the otis hound will get mouthy trying to contribute.
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    Most of the Trials I have been to in the last few years here in the DSBGF and the UBGF have been Med-Plus in speed. My call my hounds a 6.5 on my 1-10 scale.

    This year at the AKC Nationals, I would say that the winners pack was in the range of 7 to 8 on my scale. They stroked a rabbit and only needed one rabbit for each of the winners pack, EXCEPT the 15" males winnera pack, because they CAUGHT their rabbit after 45 mins of steady pressure.

    I have seen a lot of the ARHA PP and ARHA Little Pack hounds run and "MOST" (not all) could not compete in todays AKC SPO trials. They may have the same speed, but they DO NOT have the line control that is needed in the AKC SPO trials I have seen.

    This is just MY OPINION
  7. LP..Large Pack,is totally different than LP..Little Pack.I went to one Large pack trial and one brace hound trial and never went back to another one.The only diference in my hounds and those that are successful in Deep South SPO is mine are fast,not wild and over run and create their own checks,of course if there is a check guess my hound would be the guilty party cause it would be leading the average Deep South SPO hound,unless it was pulled quick,which has happened many times in SPO and been a few years sense i went to a Deep South SPO trail,it may have slowed down even more than i remember.There are a few Deep South SPO Judges that still judge accomplishment over style and a couple like a hound that can run the front and do it right.My opinion Nemo would be the only one in my kennel that would possible do well in a Deep South SPO opinion and guess if there are others that are my way and cares to run hounds they my have an opinion them selves but if they will bring a hound with them they can Judge for them selves,cause i am all but finished doing the trial circuit,may go to an ARHA trial from time to time but not often..
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    I do very well in ARHA PP hunts but have never stayed on the ground past the 1st round in AKC SPO.That being here in GA and AL.
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    Just for the record, ARHA has different divisions for different running styles so all ARHA dogs arent loose, etc. Gundog Pack is for dogs at least as close as SPO and maybe even more so in some cases and Gundog Brace wants em even closer than Pack does.
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    I agree with "FB" on Little pack hounds not having tight enough line control to win in AKC SPO trials. However, I have seen several AKC SPO dogs that I thought could win in ARHA. I have an ARHA LP ch that is a little too close most days for ARHA LP but he could never place in an AKC SPO trial. I do have some AKC trialable hounds that I believe could do ok in ARHA LP trials on certain days. In my area you get a mixed bag at the ARHA trials. If you get in a cast of average rabbit hunters the dogs may not be too rough at all, but the hardcore ARHA LP guys that only trial will usually bring fast swinging dogs.
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    Fella by the name of Ted Jackson does well in AKC SPO here in the south and has brought some hounds to the ARHA PP hunts and done well also.The 2 formats are alot alike but in AKC alot depends on who is judging.
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    Hey David did you take any photos at the Nationals this year ? If you did can you possibly post them for the poor folks (me) who could not attend the big dance.
  13. so...what was the verdict????? it possible for a dog to do well in both these formats????...i believe it is possible...i think it would be a special dog!!!...but i think it could happen!!!...JMO
  14. My opinion,you have the dogs that can do it in both ARHA and AKC SPO but it will have to be AKC SPO Mid West and you live close enough to the Mid West Association to take your hounds to their events..But if you decide to do so it is going to be a chore and you are going to have to run the circuit or take one at a time,ARHA or AKC, and do it over several years???
  15. now Reb you know me...and have met me!! know i am not going to travel around to prove anything to anybody!!...and i have seen Nemo run...i know he is the real deal!!!...nothing to prove here!!...just trying to drum up some attention!!...LOL...anybody got something to prove????
  16. if a dog can go out and put it on this...NEMO dog!!!...i interested in that bloodline!!!....any takers????
  17. and he says this is not his best!!!
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    Nationals Pictures


    Check out Acadiana Beagle Clubs website for a few pictures of the SPO Nationals. Click on Photo Gallery or Trial results and I have a few pictures posted.

    I would consider the dogs that placed Fast, probably 8 in speed in my opinion, at least in the 15" male class which was the class I watched. The dogs were not as tight on the line or check as I like but ran the heck out of a rabbit, as David said the 15" male winners pack caught their first rabbit after a long race that took them through most areas of the large encloser. These big males were tuff. endurance was unblievable since these dogs ran series after series to make it to the winners pack often with only a 8, 10 minute break and back out. No short races either, they let them run.

    How could they run that many dogs in one day?? It was well organized, marshalls, (Roven&Collar) judges, secretaries, officers and Field Trial committee were all active and on the ball. Rabbits were plentiful and came fast. Almost as soon as they were cut loose they were on game, and packs were cast to search, not put on lines. I had a blast:clap::clap:

    John Taylor