day-glo collars

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  1. my 15 year old daughter and my 11 year old son make collars and brass name tags. They started doing this a over a year ago all of the profits from this goes into there savings account for college.

    All collars and leads are put together with 2 piece brass plated rivets (not the kind of rivet that goes through the material and mashes out)

    Collars are 3/4 inch wide and 17 inches long with center ring
    colors includes ORANGE, RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, PINK, BLACK in day-glo

    Collars are $4 each including brass a name tag (up to 3 lines)

    Shipping for 1- 12 collars $6

    contact phone # 573-300-5588 or send order and check or money order to
    chris wells
    10372 bailey dr.
    potosi, mo. 63664

    They also make leads and couplers
    5 ft lead same colors as collars $9.50 (leads come with snap on each end and o-ring)
    Double couplers $7.00
    Triple couplers $9.00

    chris wells
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  2. Thats funny, I was just thinking on the way home how my dogs need new collars. Im gonna order some from them,. You can thank me later once they are doctors and lawyers. :thumb: Put me down for half a dozen. I hope you use to Postal Service for shipping. I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine. lol

  3. we got your order in the mail today and will be sending your collars out first thing monday morning.

    thanks for your order
  4. how much for a 2 dog splitter/coupler?
  5. are you just wanting the 2 dog coupler or the whole lead with a 2 dog coupler?
  6. Do you require check or money order or can you accept Paypal?
  7. A 5 foot lead with a snap on both ends $10.50
    A double coupler $6.50
    A triple coupler $9.50

    Plus the shipping
  8. A check or money order is fine we are not set up to use paypal
  9. sounds great, i'll be sending my order in soon!

  10. Hello Chris,
    Missi here. Is there anyway you can get hot pink?
  11. beagleman01

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    can they do 4 lines on the name plate?
  12. mhenderson

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    lbt beagles

    did you get my order in the mail.
  13. It hasn't came in the mail yet
  14. Sorry missi but I don't have any hot pink
  15. She can do. 4 lines but the top line is right on the edge
  16. mhenderson

    mhenderson New Member

    lbt beagles

    ok let me no
  17. I got your order in the mail today
  18. hey chris,
    I got my collars in the mail yesterday, they look great!! thanks!