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Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by KyBrushBuster, Nov 4, 2017.

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    IMG_20171104_114043.jpg First off I have to thank the good Lord for such a great morning. For letting me and the dogs get out this morning and enjoy the perfect weather to start our rabbit season here in Kentucky. And for the meat we were able to harvest so that I can provide food for my family.

    I also have to thank my daddy for passing on his passion for the outdoors and his old Winchester Model 12. I am so thankful for that old 16 gauge, even though Dad has been gone for several years, being able to carry his gun made it seem like he was right there with me today.

    You know it's going to be a good day rabbit hunting when there's one standing in your parking spot when you pull in the gate. It was a mad scramble to get the dogs out and get the gun loaded. The rabbit took off about the time the dogs feet were hitting the ground and the race. He then took the dogs on a hour long run. Which ended with him running in a hole and me never catching more than a split-second glimpse of him.

    I called the dogs back to me and we walked about 50 yards and Dottie jumps another one. We have run this rabbit before. He's a canny old wood rabbit. He takes the dogs into a deep holler that was clear cut a few years back. He always runs a big circle through that clear-cut and today he got the best of them after about 30 minutes.

    After that I put the dogs in a big blackberry thicket and it's not long before Sis fires in on one. This one also hits the woods wide open but after about 30 minutes of solid running he cuts across a clearing and I rolled him with one shot.

    It wasn't long before Dottie jumps another in a grown up field. He takes off with the dogs right on his old cotton tail. They run him on top of a little knoll that he ends up criss-crossing three times before running back down the same way he came. I was there waiting with a load of 7 1/2 shot for him. The dogs run up to him I put him in my pack. Before I can even pick the gun up all three dogs start tearing into another one. This one runs a quick circle back to me and I shoot him in the same spot I had just pick the other one up.

    We hunt our way back to the Jeep without jumping another. I am so proud of these little dogs for performing so good today. All those early morning wake-ups during the summer really paid off today. Now it's home to get these rabbits ready for my wife's amazing rabbit pot pie.

    Thanks for reading hope I wasn't too long-winded.
  2. I love that you honored your Daddy's memory and legacy with the Model 12 hunt. Way to go!
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  3. wad

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    nice story, I enjoyed it.
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    Nice story hope I have as good of luck on the 13th. We have to wait a little longer in the western zone.
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  5. KyBrushBuster

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  6. KyBrushBuster

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    We've got more rabbits around here than we have in a long time. I'm sure the western part of the state is just as good this year.
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    My running grounds have been pretty bare this year. I'm in south central KY only 2 counties away from the eastern zone. Between lack of cover due to row crops everywhere and predators I may have to let em go to leave some seed.
  8. Congrats, my main hunting ground, the land owner decided not to mow strips this year and already tried to burn it off but set a side program making him wait till after first of the year. ran 5 Saturday morning never saw 1 of them for a shot. I have some ground in Breckenridge county i can hunt after deer season.
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    Good hunt and thanks for sharing your day.........Wilbur
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    having fun with the dogs is what it's all about. To be able to use your father's gun I'm certain brought back memories. Looks like that old Model 12 has seen lots of action. Nice story
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    Awesome my father in law gave me his remington 870 wingmaster 16 a few months back that his dad gave him when he was 12 years old. I can't wait to kill a rabbit or 2 with it and let my nephew kill one with it also.
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    Nice hunting brush buster,nothing like a 16ga,especially the smooth shooting model 12.
  13. KyBrushBuster

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    This one throws a wide spread with an IMP CYL.
  14. Kenny Taylor

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    Man what a story made me think how lucky I am to still have my dad and be able to watch him miss just about every time but that's the fun in it
  15. wad

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    My 16ga modle 12 is cylinder bore pompa was a bird hunter
  16. pitt

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    Loved your story. I too have a model 12 in 16ga that my father gave to me. I think of him when ever i carry it in the field.
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    Great story, that's a good day's work for those pups!
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    Good hunt
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    any pups for sale
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    We are in the process of trying to make a cross right now. Should make some good ones if we can get it to happen.
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