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Custom Embroidery/Mule Clothing

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My name is Missi Detar and I am Dennis' wife (ddetar00) and we have recently become distributors of Mule Clothing. We do all types of embroidery and have talked to the wonderful people at Mule and they have allowed us to sell it for them. If you see something that you like on their website and would like to help support us (Arkansas based business) you can contact us with either a PM or call at 479-530-4006, or email me at [email protected]. You can go to www.cydneedesigns.com to learn more about us. We have done business with several of you and we thank you for your support.
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Hey Missi

Good to see you on here. I still get comments on my hats. Thanks very much.

Most importantly, how the little one doing?

Guys , These people do some nice work check out their web site.:clap:

Rob dennis and missi do a great job on hats. we ordered a couple hats and 4 beanies from them just before christmas and they were great people to deal with.
Hey guys Dennis and Missi are great peaple and beaglers. They do great work and will go to great lengths to satisfy their cusomers. They make donations from all their sales to the Arkansas Childrens Hostpital! You'll love their hats!
Do you do hats & things for public
Yes, we sell to anyone. Here are a few pictures of some that we have done recently.

We have lots of designs to choose from on our website www.cydneedesigns.com. If you do not see what you are looking for Dennis loves to do custom work and he can do just about anything.
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Glad to hear from you. Thanks for asking about Cydnee. She is doing very good. She is eating a little on her own. She unfortunately still has her feeding tube, but she is gaining weight. I will try to keep you posted.
Speaking of Mule Clothing, here is their bomber style jacket with our kennel design on the back.....
The "Bomber" JACKET IS NOT ISTED ON THEIR WEB SITE... we hava a cpl of requests from some clubs
to do Grand Prize jackets for their big annual hunts... this is what Mule recommended... Dennis wore
this this past weekend and LOVED it!!!

In the event you already have a favorit jacket...
We are now doing patches that you can order like this to sew on the back .
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I seperated these threads so it wouldnt be lost in the chaps thread.

Theyve made several of em for me and I need to order a few more.

You should get you some made Robbie. They can even put one of those old bob tailed dogs on it. :razz:

Is that jacket the same material as the chaps/bibs? It might just be the picture but it looks different to me. How much are they with a kennel name on the back? Are they lined or unlined?
FB, you are correct, the jacket is made of a different fabric than the bibs. It is actually made in the same Amish community as the Dan's stuff and it is made of the same briarproof nylon type fabric that all the Dan's items have. It is flannel lined. Very light weight but briarproof. We can show more pictures of it if anyone is interrested.

(Please Note- the embroidery will not be briarproof).

The jacket retails for $75 and for the embroidery on the back like this is $30. If you want kennel name and dog on the front it is $15. The jacket is great. We ordered their briarproof shirt too and it is nice, but is very stiff (it is made of the same fabric as the bibs.) The shirt is a little less expensive $55 and it could work as a light weight jacket too. The jacket just seems so much nicer and is well worth the extra bucks in my opinion.

We have tried all of the hunting clothing lines, Dan's, Nite Lites, and now Mule. By far the Mule seems so much more heavily constructed than the others. We will give them lots of briar time to see if they hold up as well as they say......
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Missi and Dennis

Sorry to be so slow in responding but that is great news about Cydnee.:clap:Before long she will be up and going strong.

She pretty much is now. She is talking and running and doing everything a normal 2 1/2 year old does with the exception of eating!!!! She is doing good though. You can see some kinda new pictures of her on my website if you want to check it out.
That's great! I'm happy for ya'll and please enjoy her while she is still little cause they grow up so fast. Before long you will be dealing with grand kids like I have (5) and will be telling them, you remember when their mom was little... I will check the pictures right now.

The following hats are on sale for a limited time while quantities last. The GL-201 is only youth sizes (that is on sale) and the PFX styles pictured are fitted hats that come in S/M, M/L, or L/XL. The visor cannot be embroidered on. Go to http://www.promoheadwear.com to view color selections and then PM me and I will check on availability. The youth hat is on sale for $10 (usually $12) and the PFX hats are also on sale for $10 (usually $15). Hurry for best selection!!!!

here are for sure what I have in stock..... and a few more colors may be available check with me....

PFX-660 Black/white/black S/M, Khaki/navy/khaki M/L,L/XL, Light Grey/Navy/Light Grey M/L, L/XL, Navy/Red/Navy M/L, L/XL

PFX-615 (mesh back) Pink S/M

I have about a dozen of each to start with so let me know ASAP if you want some before they run out.

If anyone wants the youth sizes let me know so I can check on availability of colors and sizes.
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Here are a few new hats from the last week or so.

This one is some of the new hats that are on sale. They look very sharp. Mr. Chuck Peyton will be styling.
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Here is a custom job for a group's trip to Oaklawn horse racing and a fishing trip to the White River.

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Here is another Mule Hunting Jacket that we have just finished.

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And this is a design we put on the back of my Mule Shirt...

We are going to do some jackets for Missouri State Chanpionship this year and we thought the state as a background would be a good addition...
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Cydnee designs clothing

missi and denis i recieved my hats i ordered from you today. awsome work! guys if you dont have one order it today

thank you
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