COVID - 19 & Vitamin D

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by marshall dillon, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. marshall dillon

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    After hearing about Circle4p wife testing positive for Covid-19 I thought I would share this with y’all , for what it is worth .

    I saw a YouTube video of a study done in Israel on vitamin D and Covid - 19 . It showed people with low levels of vitamin D were more like to get infected and people were more likely to get seriously ill and require hospitalization if your vitamin D level is low .

    With the colder weather coming on and maybe getting less vitamin D from the sun , I started taking a vitamin D supplement .
  2. benham

    benham Active Member

    My wife must have seen the same video on vitamin D , her and all her friends are taking them , can’t hurt that’s for sure .

  3. Ken James

    Ken James Active Member

    Yes sir tis true. About 10 years ago my old country Dr. put me on Vitamin D-3 and it helped me avoid the sniffles all the time and now my young country Dr. says keep taking D-3 to be healthy as it serves as a preventative.
  4. Circle4p

    Circle4p Well-Known Member

    She takes it every day. She also works in a Drs office. The office manager was getting sick, her husband tested positive but the manager wouldn’t get tested. They hospitalized her last night her suger levels got to 700 and she didn’t know who she was or where she was at. That’s the office manager not my wife.
  5. mattdog

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    I’ve had my staff stay home just because their significant other was being tested , not even waiting for the test result. Just not right what happened there.
  6. Rabbitfootforme

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    Hope your wife doesn't get it Circle... That is crazy... Prayers your way... I see she already had it... I was reading in circles....
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  7. Robert L. Dunn

    Robert L. Dunn Well-Known Member

    My curiosity has been aroused by this Vitamin D thing. Does it require a subscription or can it be bought over the counter?
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  8. Circle4p

    Circle4p Well-Known Member

    Over the counter
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