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  1. rosco

    rosco New Member

    Can anyone tell me anything about fc Cotton Country Buck 2 or GTS Lone Oak Alyssa.
  2. deltadog

    deltadog New Member

    Buck, is a super nice blackcreek male with great hunt, control and forward movement on the line. Also passing the same traits in his offspring.

  3. rosco

    rosco New Member

    Thanks Delta,
    I just got a female from buck
    I am excited by trying not to have to many expectations.
  4. huguejm

    huguejm Active Member

    Cotton Country Buck II

    A good friend of mine Von Dufrene just placed two little males out of Buck this past weekend at Tchoupitoulas beagle club derby trial. They took 1st and NBQ.

    13" Males

    1st--Dufrene's Cajun Paco
    FC Cotton Country Buck II x ABM Bend Lil Dot
    Owner--Von Dufrene

    2nd--Slabtowns Good Ole Rocky Top
    FC GTS Slabtown Boogie Man x Skuna Bottom Nikki
    Owner--Jason Webie

    3rd--Steve's Bunnyline Charlie
    FC Tate's Yogi x FC Choptalk Atlanta
    Owner--Steve Danos

    4th--Grim's Southern Turbo
    FC Gilkey's Cathy Creek Otis x NSPC FC Briarwoods Dream
    Owner--Aloyd Edinburgh

    NBQ--Dufrene's Cajun Popcorn
    FC Cotton Country Buck II x ABM Bend Lil Dot
    Owner--Von Dufrene

    I've got two litters on the way out of Buck and two proven outstanding Blackcreek females.

    Mitch Huguet
  5. Crowders

    Crowders New Member

    Buck Pups

    If you would like to sale any of the pups I would like to buy 2 females.
  6. deltadog

    deltadog New Member

    Mitch, it just shows how good ole Buck is at producing. Thats not counting the FC's to his name. I have seen first hand the good hounds he produces. Not to mention he can still smoke a bunny too.
    Keep me in mind on some little males Bro!
  7. Seems FC Tates Yogi male does good to I have a litter coming off his blood with a gay blackcreek good little female hoping for the best