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    This is my personal site and has some useful health information among other things that might interest some of you.
  2. nice site good lookn hounds to

  3. FB

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    Thanks. I updated it a little bit just now and added a couple of pedigrees for some of my Blackcreek females.
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    like i said before very nice site
  5. Very nice site and some good looking beagles
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    Loved your site Freddie. A lot of good information and good dogs.
  7. I like that Buddy dog. I got a Gypp almost two, looks exactly alike. I thought I was seeing things.
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    I like your Brutus male.. Bred very much like some of my young females... He probably would like North La's climate better!!
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    I like the way Buddy looks but the best thing about him is that he's one of the hardest hunting males Ive ever owned. If he'd step it up just a little bit I'd like him alot better though. I like a dog thats close but he's almost too close. He aint movin' a step till HE has the rabbit, no matter what the other dogs do.

    Mr. Murphy-I had him for sale awhile back but he looked so good in Missouri that I changed my mind and decided to keep him. The only reason I was gonna sell him anyway was because I didnt have anything else bred like he is and I dont keep many males, especially if Im not going to breed to them. You might not have seen it but I said in another post that if you ever had a female pup for sale that Id be interested in one.
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    It looks like a good cross to me.
  12. Bglenut

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    Do you have more than one Blackcreek female ? I could onl find one on your website.
  13. FB

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    I had a couple more but right now I only have one Blackcreek female and a male and female pup (littermates) that are about 5 months old.
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    are the pups Blackcreek ? Pedigree ?
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    Sorry, I should have explained it better it I guess, but yes, the pups are Blackcreek.

    Right now I have three BC's total, but only one is running is probably what I should have said.

    The pups are out of Rob's Blackcreek Tiggs and Dogwood Bottoms Diamond if youre familiar with those dogs. I have a pedigree for them but its not online.
  16. good lookin pack of hounds
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    batteauxcreek kennel

    great site i would like a good female of the bloodlines you have to breed to my male in the near future that was a good job due to the dryness you could see the dust coming take care :clap:
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    Thank you.

    I really like the Otis stuff. They generally have pretty good hunt, foot speed, and line control plus I like a dog to have just a little bit of punch or power and you seem to get that more often than not with that line. Mix a little K Buck/Hossbreeze in there and you generally get all of that plus even more hunt and desire.

    I dont have the two Blackcreek pups mentioned earlier anymore but I do have a male that I really like, two running females, and one pup that I havent started yet.

    One of the females is alot slower than I want but I think (or hope anyway) that I can breed her to my male and put a little more foot in the pups. The other running female is a pretty nice dog but she needs a little more foot also. She hunts hard and picks up a lot of checks but she's just about always gonna be the last dog to come through.

    The pup is the one that Im excited about. I really like her pedigree and if she ever figures out how to read it to know how good she's supposed to be, look out. :thumb:
  19. Which pups u got rid of and which ones you kept.
  20. FB

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    I sold the pups that were out of Tiggs and Diamond to plumber.

    Ive got 6 pups total right now.

    A female that is out of my Gus male, a male that is out of one of my best jump dogs (Otis/Hossbreeze) and a Stubby male, a female that I traded with James who is Stubby/K Buck, the lemon female that I bought at Silver Creek, an Otis/Hossbreeze female that I traded with Crossroads, and the Blackcreek female that I bought from Jai. Theyre all pups but they range in age from 10 or 11 weeks up to 6 months.