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Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by Spini Boys, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Spini Boys

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    What Conservation Orgs if any do you all belong too. I was going to donate some money to a organization and was wondering what good ones there are that help support hunting and conservation for hunting and wildlife. I thought about Quail Forever, but not sure. I want to make sure not to donate to some antis hiding behind a wildlife title.
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    Quail Forever is a good orginazion in my area. I am a member and they are great about helping with habitat restoration projects. We have had a lot of work done on our farm that wouldn't get done without their help.

  3. rosco

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    May I recommend donating to Brandons college fund.

    It's a non profit organization aimed at sending a kid with average grades
    and above average taste to a 4 year college for 6 years.
  4. Bglenut

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    If you want to donate some money then I would donate it to the UBGF or the DSBGF - Deep South Beagle Gundog Federation - United Beagle Gundog Federation

    They are always looking to add things to the Federations.

    Go to the site and you can read a lot of what the DSBGF and the UBGF is working on.

    The UBGF has bought the land and had a building already. The DSBGF is looking to buy land now.

    Hope this helps
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    That sound like a winner Bgle.

    Anyone that has ever attended a trial can reconize all the donation of time, hard work
    that goes into having a successful trial.

    We shold also mention the donation from business big and small that help out.

    The last one I attend Mule clothing, 9( thanks Blg ) Purina, and Tritronics donated some great prizes.

    Thats just the tip of it. A lot of work goes into good running grounds, the good food we eat. Coffee is always provided. Drinks are avaliable at no charge sometimes.

    Running trials is a great family sport that teaches our young people about hard work, sportmanship, the importance of friends and communtity.

    I am new into the sport but have been an avid supporter of youth baseball with both my time and money for the same reasons.
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    I am donating to Quail Forever, I sent a check yesterday to a local chapter. I agree about the UBGF and other trial organizations, however I dont run in the South or on the trial grounds of the UBGF. I was wanting to donate to something that helps more on a bigger scope. After recieving info from some forums, the Kansas dept. Wildlife and Parks, and some research of my own I decided the QF was the best way for me to go. They will help protect habbitat for all wildlife, they also do several youth type events including a local rabbit hunt every year (I just learned that in my research this week). I have also joined a local chapter to donate some time as well. Thanks for the replies, I donated to a org. last year and it didnt seem to do much, so I wanted some other opinions.
    Thanks again.
  7. rosco

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    Good choice.
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    Spini, I wish QF could bring the quail population back to Arkansas. We used to have birds everywhere now you can't find any. It's like they just disappeared or at least almost. I used to be an avid bird hunter but you could wear a dog out and never find a bird. I guess habitat is the big picture for their decline but it was almost like they were here one day and gone the next. Whatever habitat that's good for quails is good for rabbits too except birds need a little more open ground to run on. They do good work that's for sure as I was a member for a good while. Good Choice!